RGB Color 8x8 Dot Matrix

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RGB Color 8x8 Dot Matrix

8x8 Matrix RGB LED  Common Anode Diffused Arduino Full Colour Arduino

Quantity: 1pc 8x8 Matrix LED
Size:60mm x 60mm
Wavelength:467nm, 523nm, 623nm
Radiant Intensity @ 20mA see datasheet
Forward Voltage @ 20mA 3.4v max (see datasheet)

Viewing Angle 30 Degrees

An excellent 8x8 RGB Matrix LED perfectly suited for breadboard and Arduino--a compact 6cm x 6cm but more than large and bright enough to be noticed from a distance and with 0.1" pin spacing, too! The display is common anode and the lenses diffused.

64 red, 64 blue and 64 green LED die for a total of 192 in a single package! Not to worry though, the pins are matrixed so there are only 32 pins total to contend with. The pin-out is available in the datasheet image above.


These are also very similar and fully compatible with the Rainbowduino and many other Arduino LED projects!


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