Four Channel RF Wireless Remote Kit 4ch TTL Output

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Four Channel RF Wireless Remote Kit 4ch TTL Output

2262/2272 four-way wireless remote control kit M4 non-lock receiver plate , four-button wireless remote control

Remote control with decoding receiver board manual
A remote control

Operating voltage: DC12V (27A/12V battery a)
    Operating Current: 10mA @ 12V
    Radiation power: 10mW @ 12V
    Modulation Mode: ASK (AM)
    Transmitting frequency: 315 MHz (SAW frequency stabilization)
    Transmission distance :50-100M (free space, the receiver sensitivity is -100dbm)
    Encoder Type: Fixed code

B with decoding receiver board

 Operating voltage DC5V, receiver sensitivity is-98dB. 7 pin, VT, D3, D2, D1, D0, 5V, GND. VT is a valid signal is high output pin, upon receiving a valid signal, the output pin high, can also drive the relay.

 Size: 6.6 * 22 * 41mm

C on the remote control has four buttons, each corresponding to the receiving board of the four data bits output pin D0, D1, D2, D3. Press the button to the transmitted signal, the corresponding data bit will output high.

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