Oscilloscope 100MHz Dual Channel Color

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Oscilloscope 100MHz Dual Channel Color

Technical Parameters        
Product Type ADS1102C ADS1062C ADS1042C ADS1022C
Screen Display Color Color Color Color
Bandwidth 100MHz 60MHz 40MHz 25MHz
Screen Size 5.7 " color LCD screen / monochrome, waveform display more clear and natural
Memory Depth 4K 1M
Real-time sampling rate 500MSa / s
Equivalent sampling rate 50GSa / s
Rise time < 3.5ns < 5.8nS < 8.8nS < 14ns
Input impedance 1M Ω‖ 13pF 1M Ω‖ 13pF 1M Ω‖ 13pF 1M Ω‖ 13pF
Timebase range 2.5nS / div ~ 50S / div
Roll: 100mS ~ 50S / div
5nS / div ~ 50S / div
Roll: 100mS ~ 50S / div
10nS / div ~ 50S / div
Roll: 100mS ~ 50S / div
25nS / div ~ 50S / div
Roll: 100mS ~ 50S / div
General parameters        
Throughchannel number 2 (CH1 / CH2)      
Verticalstraight Sensitivity 2mV-5V / div (1-2-5 sequence )      
Verticalstraight Resolution 8 bit      
Memorystorage depth Single-channel 4K-1M      
Wave -shaped capture rate Highest over 1000 times / sec.      
Input into the coupling DC, AC, grounding      
The large input voltage 400V (peak to peak)      
Touch Hair Type Edge of the pulse, the video delay, alternating      
Touch hair pattern Auto, Normal, Single      
Touch origin CH1 , CH2 , EXT , EXT / 5 , AC Line      
Reservedeposit /transfer out Providing two groups reference waveforms, 20groups of ordinary waveform, 20 species set the internal storage / Recall function; support Udisk external storage / Recall function      
Since moving measurement type
(<, / SPAN>32 species )
Maximum, minimum, top value, the bottom value, peak to peak, Mean, Cycle Mean, RMS, Cycle RMS, amplitude, rise excesses, up front shock, drop excesses, before declining shock rise time, fall time, frequency, period, pulse width, Positive Width, Negative Width, Positive Duty Cycle, Negative Duty Cycle, Phase, FRR , FRF , FFR ,LRR , LRF , LFR , LFF      
Lightstandard measurement Manual mode, Track mode, the automatic measurement mode      
Mining sample mode Real-time sampling, the equivalent sampling      
Ping average number of 4 , 16 , 32 , 64 , 128 , 256      
Number ofmath #ERROR!      
XY squarestyle Phase shift: ± 3 Degrees
Support 5KSa / s ~ 200MSa / S sampling rate (1-2-5 sequence )
Display shows the language Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English, German, French, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Arabic, Spanish, Portuguese      
Power source 100 ~ 240VAC , 47Hz ~ 440Hz , 50VA Max      
Feet inches 305 * 154 * 133mm      
Heavy volume About 2.2 kg      
Attachedpieces 1: 1 , 10: 1) probe * 2 , power cord, EasyScopecomputer software systems, manual
USB Host: Support U disk upgrades and firmware upgrades;
USB Device: Support PictBridge direct printing and thePC connection.
Optionselection GPIB communication module, serial module, Pass / Failinterface module      



● Features and Benefits ● Abundant trigger ● FFT waveform split-screen display pop-up menu mode ● ● Multi-language interface display function ● Display● cursor measurement function ● Pass / Fail function ● Powerful EasyScope3.0 monitoring software ● Standard Accessories ● Performance Parameters

Features and Benefits:
● 500MSa / s (500MSa / s) in real-time sampling rate and 50GSa / s equivalent sampling rate;
● USB Host / Device , support EasyScope2.0 software system, U disk storage;
● supports PictBridge direct printing protocol;
● 32 kinds of automatic measurement functions, supports all measurements simultaneously open function;
● The new slim design, compact and more convenient to carry;
● color TFT LCD display, waveform display is more clear and stable;
● Dual-channel bandwidth: 25MHz ~ 100MHz ;
● unique digital filtering, waveform recording and Pass / Fail function;
● manual tracking, automatic cursor measurement function;
● pop-up menu mode, the user operation more flexible, natural;
● Channel waveform and FFT waveform simultaneous split-screen display;
● Multilingual interface display, the English online help system;

Abundant trigger
ADS1000 series of products with richer trigger functions: A variety of trigger modes Edge, Video, alternately, delay, etc., greater scope to meet the needs of users. Which alternate trigger mode can be used to observe two non-related signals, you can select different trigger modes for the two channels, is an analog oscilloscope function in the digital oscilloscope attention, but also reflects the ADS1000 series product research and development team in technology strong field;

FFT waveform split-screen display function
Channel waveform and FFT waveform split-screen simultaneous display, split-screen mode, the screen is divided into upper and lower portions are re-direction perpendicular to 8 grid, like full-screen mode while observing the two waveforms, this approach allows users to observe the waveform clearer, convenient, but also reflects the ADS1000 series products more human side;

Mode pop-up menu
ADS1000 series of products using the pop-up menu display mode, the menu can be hidden at any time of the waveform 12 grid full screen display, the same grade as compared with other digital oscilloscope, this model is more flexible; user operation more convenient, more clearly observed waveform.

Multi-lingual interface display function
ADS1000 series has 11 different languages ​​interface display function: Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English, German, French, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Arabic, Spanish, Portuguese, and further develop theADS1000 series product international market for the ADS1000 series build for the international famous brand products laid the foundation;

ADS1000 series of products using color TFT LCD screen, the screen display parameter value and the waveform is more clear and stable, naturally; but also more conducive to slow down the user for a long time observing the waveform cause eye fatigue;

Cursor measurements
ADS1000 series cursor measurement function has three modes: manual mode, tracking mode, auto mode. Users can flexibly select the measurement mode according to their needs, making it easier to read the measurement results or experience fully automated intelligent design mode in the upper right of the screen;

Pass / Fail function
Users can use the ADS1000 family provides the Pass / Fail function for product testing, automatically output the test results through a series of settings, greatly improving production efficiency;

Powerful EasyScope3.0 monitoring software
EasyScope3.0 monitoring and control software for the A DS1000 strong performance software system family of products, the software is compatible with RS-232 and USB Device , to achieve communication between the computer and the oscilloscope, so as to realize the remote control. At the same time the software can automatically refresh real-time waveform data, provide waveforms, measurement data to take into account the sampling data, save and print functions; transferring the oscilloscope screen completely true picture; also has a configuration upload and download functions; fastest millisecond-based PC and ADS1000 interaction between series, allowing users to more easily analyze, research waveforms and data;


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