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Brand: Chinese Model: MKS-BASE V1.6
Ultra Stable Board Control Board MKS-BASE V1.6Feature: It gather all function on one board, which solved the Ramps1.4 combination interface problem, which easily out of order Using A4982 as a motor drive, the SOP package, the effect of heat dispelling is better Circuit board uses the high qua..
975.00EGP 1,175.00EGP
Brand: Chinese Model: 3D Mech EndStop
Features: This 3d Printer Mechanical Endstop Switch Module It using 22AWG wire, copper wire inside is very thick, and Endstop Switch  can be handel to current 2A, 300V voltage. An insulating layer over a wide range of temperatures, up to 80 degrees. Is the common ..
18.00EGP 22.00EGP
Brand: Chinese Model: 3d-ramps-14
 3D printer RepRap Arduino Mega Shield ( RAMPS ) for a RepRap 3D printer in one small package for low cost. RAMPS includes- Plug in stepper drivers.- Extruder control electronics on an Arduino MEGA shield for easy service- Part replacement, upgrade-a..
75.00EGP 140.00EGP
Brand: Chinese Model: CNC-INTERFACE5
DescriptionThe latest upgraded 5 axis breakout board is specially designed for the CNC single axis 2-phase stepper driver controller. The breakout board using high-performance three-state bus driver 74HC244 and Schmitt inverter 74HC14 amplified, The input signal is amplified, rectified, f..
200.00EGP 240.00EGP
Brand: Chinese Model: SHAFT-OPTICAL-8mm
Main purpose:Linear axis in the automatic rotation device has widely used, such as industrial robots, automatic recording instruments, computers, precision printers, special gas tank, automatic wood machines and other industrial machines. And because of its hardness, can extend the life of an or..
70.00EGP 85.00EGP
Brand: APC by Schneider Electric Model: SURT48XLBP
SURT48XLBP FeaturesAPC Smart-UPS RT 48V Battery PackExtended-run battery systems provide flexible runtime to critical Smart-UPS applications.Includes: Installation Guide, User Manual Output Voltage Distortion Less than 3% Output Frequency (sync..
7,777.00EGP 9,709.00EGP
Brand: Chinese Model: level-conversion
bi-Directional 4-way level conversion module logic mutual conversion 3.3V to 5V 5V to 3.3V IIC UART SPIThis product is a level conversion module,not a power conversion module, it Must be connected to 5V power supply to work properly!  Product features:1. Four MOS tubes realize four -way bidire..
20.00EGP 25.00EGP
Drop In T-Nut M4 Thread For 2020 aluminum extrusion profile
Hot -42 %
Brand: Chinese Model: T-NUT M4
Product descriptionDrop In T-Nut - M4. Description: For use with 2020 Aluminum extrusions. Feature: M4 Thread. Good quality and low price. Size: 20mm(L) x 8mm (W) x 7.4mm (H). ..
1.75EGP 3.00EGP
Brand: Chinese Model: T-NUT M5 -3030
Product descriptionDrop In T-Nut - M5. Description: For use with 3030 Aluminum extrusions. Feature: M4 Thread. Good quality and low price. Size: 20mm(L) x 8mm (W) x 7.4mm (H). ..
2.00EGP 3.00EGP
Model: TFT-5
This display can be mounted on a Raspberry Pi 1, 2 or 3 via an HDMI connector, but requires additional driver installation.The display has a resolution of 800*480 pixels and is diagonally 5 inches. On top of the display is a resistive touchscreen mounted for which a small stylus is included.It suppo..
600.00EGP 1,000.00EGP
Brand: Chinese Model: SG-90
OverviewTower Pro SG90 is a high quality,low-cost servo for all your mechatronic needs. It comes with a 3-pin power and control cable, mounting hardware.SpecificationOperating Voltage : 4.8~6.0V Operating Speed : 0.12sec/60 degree(4.8V)~0.1sec/60 degree(6.0V) Torque :
50.00EGP 65.00EGP
Brand: Chinese Model: MG90S
This servo features:Metal gear for high durability Ball Bearing for smooth operation Over torque protection for durabilitySpecification:Dimension : 22 x 12 x 29mmWeight: 13.4g90 degreesTorque : 1.8kg/cm (25oz/in) @ 4.8V; 2.2kg/cm (31oz/in) @ 6.0VSp..
75.00EGP 95.00EGP
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