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3D Printer Egypt PLA Filament 1.75mm Sample Pack 50g
3D Printer Egypt PLA Filament 1.75mm/ 90g Reel 1.75mm 3D Printer PLA Filament For Makerbot Mendel..
60.00LE 55.00LE
Ex Tax: 55.00LE
3D printer heated bed special Adhesive matt sheet
3D printer accessories hot bed special mat scrub high temperature hot bed paste , alternative t..
100.00LE 90.00LE
Ex Tax: 90.00LE
3D Printer RAMPS All in One+ "Complete 3D printer electronics in one Board"
Features Based Arduino 2560, RAMPS 1.4 pin compatible pin configuration, All in one solution for&..
950.00LE 875.00LE
Ex Tax: 875.00LE
3D Printer Silicon Rubber Heat pad 25X30Cm 220V
Silicone rubber heating plate Voltage: 220V  Power: 400W  ..
625.00LE 575.00LE
Ex Tax: 575.00LE
3D Printer Silicon Rubber Heatbed pad 40X40Cm 220V
Silicone rubber heating plate Voltage: 220V  Power: 600W  ..
1,050.00LE 1,000.00LE
Ex Tax: 1,000.00LE
3D Printer Stepstick DRV8825 Stepper Driver
The module has an interface pinout is almost the same as A4988 stepper motor drive carrier, so ..
70.00LE 60.00LE
Ex Tax: 60.00LE
7 Segment 2.3" Common Anode
Features: High Intensity Red Output Standard Size Easily Replaces Other Types Economically..
15.00LE 14.00LE
Ex Tax: 14.00LE
AC Thyrestor Load Regulator Dimmer Controller 4000W OutPut 0:220v AC
Product Specifications:   Product Name: 4000W AC Regulator  Regulation voltage: A..
195.00LE 175.00LE
Ex Tax: 175.00LE
ACS712-30A  Current Sensor Module 30A
Description: This is a breakout board for the fully integrated Hall Effect based linear ACS712 ..
125.00LE 110.00LE
Ex Tax: 110.00LE
Adjustable DC Linear Power Supply 30V5A
Main Features: 1.     The device has single channel, three-digit digital disp..
1,500.00LE 1,400.00LE
Ex Tax: 1,400.00LE
Air Quality sensor Module MQ135 (MQ-135)
FEATURES Detects NH3, NOx, alcohol, benzene, smoke, CO2, etc. Operating voltage 5V Operati..
70.00LE 60.00LE
Ex Tax: 60.00LE
Digital Gauss and Tesla and permanent magnet meter  WT10A
introduction: Gaussmeter Tesla meter WT10A  WT-10A the fluxmeter surface magnetic field test..
2,350.00LE 2,250.00LE
Ex Tax: 2,250.00LE
DT-2236B Digital Laser Photo Tachometer Speed Gauge Contact and Non-contact Tachometer
Description  DT-2236B Digital Laser Photo Tachometer Speed Gauge Contact and Non-contact T..
1,475.00LE 1,375.00LE
Ex Tax: 1,375.00LE
EasyARM i.MX280A Linux Development Board
Description: EasyARM-i.MX280A is for AWorks developer ecosystem of hardware platforms, to cr..
650.00LE 600.00LE
Ex Tax: 600.00LE
Flexible Motor Coupling  6.35x8mm
Flexible Motor Coupling  6.35x8mm Features: 100% Brand New And High quality Shaft coupler ..
40.00LE 35.00LE
Ex Tax: 35.00LE
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