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Brand: Chinese Model: 17HS8401S
Model: UsongShine 17HS8401-S 48mm Nema 17 Stepper Motor 42 Motor 42BYGH 1.8A 4-lead for 3D Printer CNC LaserProduct Name:17HS8401SSpecification:Model17HS8401-S  TypeHybridPhase2Step Angle1.8°Motor Size42 *47 mmShaft"D" shaft 21 x Ф5mmOutlet way"4" plug lineMotor ..
1,075.00EGP 1,500.00EGP
ALCATEL Baby Monitor Baby Link 110  (ATL1415407)
New -20 %
Brand: ALCATEL Model: ATL1415407
ALCATEL Baby Monitor Baby Link 110  ATL1415407Characteristics of Alcatel Baby Link 110 : You will be able to supervise your baby in visual mode thanks to the lights of the parents' unit, or in sound mode to listen to your baby with great sound quality thanks to Pure Sound te..
1,000.00EGP 1,250.00EGP
ALCATEL Baby Monitor Baby Link 510 (ATL1415421)
New -12 %
Brand: ALCATEL Model: ATL1415421
Alcatel Baby Link 510 baby monitor (ATL1415421) Description of the  Alcatel Baby Link 510Equipped with a high-resolution color screen (2.4-inch color LCD), the Baby Link 510 is the perfect way to look after your baby. For convenience, you can adjust the panorama, tilt and zoom of the ca..
2,200.00EGP 2,500.00EGP
Drop In T-Nut M5 Thread For 2020 aluminum extrusion profile
Hot -17 %
Brand: Chinese Model: T-NUT M5
Product descriptionDrop In T-Nut - M5. Description: For use with 2020 Aluminum extrusions. Feature: M4 Thread. Good quality and low price. Size: 20mm(L) x 8mm (W) x 7.4mm (H). ..
2.50EGP 3.00EGP
Brand: eSUN Filament Model: 3d,PLA+ ,1.75mm,50g
PLA+ 50g Sample Pack Filament  HIGH QUALITY 1.75mm 1.75mm 3D Printer PLA Filament For Makerbot Mendel Printrbot Reprap Prusa  Specification:Diameter:1.75 +/-0.04mm Roundness: +/-0.02mm ROSH compliant REACH compliant Reel diameter: 19.7cm Reel hole diameter:4...
20.00EGP 45.00EGP
Himel AC  Voltage Stabilizer 0.5 KVA HTNDP5HE220
New -13 %
Brand: Himel Model: HTNDP5HE220
Himel voltage stabilizer 220VAC 0.5kVA single phase For Datasheet Click HereTechnical SpecificationsThe HTNDP5HE220 Voltage stabilizer with 0.5 kVA Amp (current intensity): current of 2 amperes Device type: current stabilizer Stage: Single phase Frequency: 50-60Hz Response: Less than one s..
680.00EGP 780.00EGP
Himel AC Voltage Stabilizer 10 KVA HTND10H220WF
New -2 %
Brand: Himel Model: HTND10H220WF
Himel AC Voltage Stabilizer 10 KVA HTND10H220WFFor Datasheet Click Here..
6,840.00EGP 7,000.00EGP
Himel AC Voltage Stabilizer 20 KVA HTND20GH220WF
New -11 %
Brand: Himel Model: HTND20GH220WF
Himel AC Voltage Stabilizer 20 KVA HTND20GH220WFFor Datasheet Click Here..
13,338.00EGP 15,000.00EGP
Himel AC Voltage Stabilizer 5 KVA HTND5H220WF
New -2 %
Brand: Himel Model: HTND5H220WF
Himel AC Voltage Stabilizer 5 KVA HTND5H220WFFor Datasheet Click Here..
3,535.00EGP 3,600.00EGP
Mobiya solar lighting system LED portable 1.2 W AEP-LB-SU12W
New -14 %
Brand: Schneider Electric Model: AEP-LB-SU12W
Mobiya solar lighting system LED  portable  1.2 W AEP-LB-SU12W range of product Mobiya product or component type Portable solar lighting system Main   [Us] rated supply voltage 8...1..
600.00EGP 700.00EGP
Stavol Regulator Stabilizer AC 220V  SVC-500NM
New -10 %
Brand: japan Model: SVC-500NM
Stavol Regulator Stabilizer Features:            •             Stabilizer Input Voltage: 150V~250V•             Stabilizer Output Vol..
950.00EGP 1,050.00EGP
Ultra compact cordless telephone with display ALCATEL T16
New -20 %
Ultra compact cordless telephone with display ALCATEL T16With the ultra-compact footprint and simplistic yet elegant design, Alcatel T16 adapts itself to any living environments.Featuring the Caller ID* function with its numeric display (numbers only), and an access to a 1..
200.00EGP 250.00EGP
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