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Inspector USB nuclear radiation detector

Inspector USB nuclear radiation detector

Inspector USB support multiple detection mode (activity detection surface contamination, dose rate detection, pulse counting detection, the cumulative count detection), users can quickly switch. Inspector USB Built-in audible alarm function, support for custom set the alarm function. Meanwhile, the latest Inspector USB built-in internal memory and a standard USB data output port, so that the operator can observe the USB data cable and special software, the Inspector USB into a simple on-line monitoring terminal, of course, the operator can upload real-time data and the fuselage memory data to a computer for analysis, save. And our competitors, Inspector USB powerful features not only more widely, also allows you no matter what the environment with ease. 
  Large, four LCD display, the test results clear and intuitive 
  new generation of high-sensitivity sensor (1.77 inches), a variety of measurement modes: activity measurement, measuring count, total count measurement and dose rate measurements, can accurately detect α, β, γ and x-ray inspection 
  multiple detection modes freely switch: radiation dose pattern, αβ surface contamination detection mode, the cumulative radiation measurement model 
  to support multiple unit display: mR / hr ,, uSv / hr ,, CPS, Bq, CPM, DPM 
  alpha, when β surface contamination detection mode can be quickly converted into Chinese national standards required to Bq, Bq / cm2 units of α, β surface contamination level 
  customized alarm function (0 ~ 50 mR / hr & 0 ~ 160,000 CPM) 
  Automatic calibration (for different calibration sources, support for custom calibration factor is set), support manual calibration 
  integrated data logger and USB data output port 
  rich selection of accessories, to better meet the testing requirements 
  CE certification, the China National Metrology Institute of Metrology Certification 
  Check local radiation exposure and radioactive contamination 
  of the surrounding environment radon inspection 
  inspection stone and other building materials, radioactive 
  check nuclear radiation risks landfills and garbage dumps 
  became a doctor to detect the X-rays used in industrial instruments X-ray radiation intensity 
  radium groundwater contamination inspection 
  to check underground drill pipe and equipment radioactive 
  nuclear reactor monitoring of ambient air pollution and water quality 
  checking valuable personal property and jewelry harmful radiation 
  radiological examinations such as porcelain tableware glass 
  pinpoint radiation 
  detection home decor 
Technical specifications: 
measuring ray species :: α, β, γ and Χ-ray  
detector: halogen filling Geiger counterThe effective diameter of 1.77 "(45mm) mica flakes density 1.4-2.0mg / cm2.. 
Display: With mode indicator 4 digit LCD display. 
The average cycle: display is updated once every 3s display, showing the strength of the front of the standard 30s Average The value of the average period with increasing radiation intensity decreased. 
Measuring range: mR / hr: 0.001 ~ 100.0   
CPM: 0 ~ 350,000   
Sv / hr: 0.001 ~ 1,000?   
CPS: 0 ~ 5,000 
Total / Timer - Counts 1 ~ 9,999,000   
Sensitivity: 3340 CPM / mR / hr referenced to Cs-137 
≥ 2.0 MeV alpha-rays 
beta rays ≥ 40 keV 
gamma ray ≥ 10 keV 
Accuracy: ± 10% ~ ± 15% 
alarm setting range: mR / hr .001 - 50 / CPM 1 - 160,000,70db @ 1m. 
antisaturation: 100 times the maximum reading (OVERRANGE tips) 
indicator: Each time the count is detected (an ionization process), the red light will flash once count 
audible alarm: built-in buzzer (can be turned off for silent operation) 
Output: CMOS mini jack / USB, output to a computer or data logger port. 
Power: 9v alkaline batteries under normal conditions Battery life is about 2160 hours, when 1mR / hr approximately. 600 hours for the 
temperature range:? -10 C ~ 50 C? 
Specifications: 150 x 80 x 30 mm 
Weight: 275g (without batteries)

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Inspector USB nuclear radiation detector
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