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Digital Potentiometer IC's

Brand: Chinese Model: MCP41010
The MCP41010 single-channel digital potentiometer features 8-bit resolution (256 wiper steps), and an industry-standard SPI™ serial interface. The wiper position varies linearly and is controlled via the SPI interface. The MCP41010 has a resistance value of 10 kohm, outstanding AC and DC characteris..
Brand: Chinese Model: MCP4131-103E/P
RoHS:   Brand: Microchip Technology   Resistance: 10 kOhms   Number of POTs: Single &n..
Brand: Chinese Model: X9C103P
Digitally Controlled Potentiometer (XDCP™) The X9C102, X9C103, X9C104, X9C503 are Intersils’ digitally controlled (XDCP) potentiometers. The device consists of a resistor array, wiper switches, a control section, and non-volatile memory. The wiper position is controlled by a three-wire interface. Th..
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