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IP5306 Fully-Integrated Power Bank System-On-Chip Charger IC

IP5306 Fully-Integrated Power Bank System-On-Chip Charger IC

IP5306 Fully-Integrated Power Bank System-On-Chip Charger IC – Package-ESOP8

IP5306 is a fully integrated multi-function power management SoC. It integrates a boost converter, a Li battery charger management
system and a battery state of charge indicate controller. It provides a turn-key solution for power bank and portable charger applications.
IP5306’s high integration and rich features make the minimized component number in the application. It can effectively downsize the application and lower the BOM cost.IP5306 only needs a single inductor to realize step-down and step-up which provides a 2.4A output current. It can switch to standby mode at light load automatically IP5306’s synchronous switching charger provides 2A charging current.Its efficiency is up to 91%. It regulates the charging current by IC temperature and input voltage.IP5306 integrates voltage-based fuel gauge indication of 1/2/3/4 LEDs and flashlight function. IP5306 is available in ESOP8.


  • Adaptive charging current control, excellent adapter compatibility
  • Support 4.20/4.30/4.35/4.40V batteries

State of Charge (SOC) indicator:

  • Integrated LED controller supports 4/3/2/1
  • LEDs as the SOC indicator (I2C interface)

Fully featured:

  • Key ON/OFF
  • Integrated flashlight controller
  • Integrated cellphone plug-in and plug-out detector

Low power:

  • Smart load detector, switching to standby mode automatically
  • <100 µA standby current

Ultra simplified BOM

  • Integrated power FET, charging/boosting with a single inductor


  • i2C Interface
  • 2.1A Synchronous switching charger and 5V
  • 2.4A boost converter
  • Boost converter efficiency up to 92%
  • Switching charger efficiency up to 91%
  • Integrated power-path management,
  • charging batteries and charging cellphones at the same time


  • Power bank, Portable Charger
  • Mobile Phones, Smart Phones, Handheld
  • Devices, Portable Media Player, Tablet, etc.

Package Includes:

  • 1 x IP5306 Fully-Integrated Power Bank System-On-Chip Charger IC – Package-ESOP8

Hardware Note: This IC will not work for the old design. As per the manufacturer has changed the internal functionality without changing part no. They have introduced I2C communication on LED Pins, Please refer to the sample example circuit.

Example Circuit: ip5306 Schematic, IP5306 schematic 2

Github Example Code: Code 

I2C Communication Datasheet: IP5306 I2C registers

Datasheet: IP5306

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IP5306 Fully-Integrated Power Bank System-On-Chip Charger IC
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