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IRLB3034 40V Logic Level Single N-Channel Power MOSFET

IRLB3034 40V Logic Level Single N-Channel Power MOSFET

The StrongIRFET™ power MOSFET family is optimized for low RDS(on) and high current capability. The devices are ideal for low frequency applications requiring performance and ruggedness. The comprehensive portfolio addresses a broad range of applications including DC motors, battery management systems, inverters, and DC-DC converters. 

Summary of Features

  • High-current rating
  • Product qualification according to JEDEC standard
  • Silicon optimized for applications switching below <100 kHz
  • Softer body-diode compared to previous silicon generation
  • Industry standard through-hole power package
  • Wide portfolio available


  • High-current carrying capability package
  • Industry standard qualification level
  • High performance in low frequency applications
  • Increased power density
  • Standard pinout allows for drop in replacement
  • Provides designers flexibility in selecting the most optimal device for their application
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IRLB3034 40V Logic Level Single N-Channel Power MOSFET
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