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IV Transistor Curve Tracer WQ4832

IV Transistor Curve Tracer WQ4832

WQ4832 transistor curve tracers 
    WQ4832 transistor curve tracers using CRT displays various characteristics of semiconductor devices. The instrument cluster has two curves show that two-way collector scan function, the characteristics of the semiconductor device under test were analyzed to facilitate matching of the transistor. There 5kV high-pressure device. This instrument is suitable for a variety of semiconductor transistors, diodes, FETs, thyristors, Zener diode test, and three-terminal regulator and other devices. 
Y-axis deflection factor: 
    the collector current range (IC) 0.5μA / div-1A / div minutes 20 files  
  (IR) 50nA / div-1μA / div 5 steps 
  or base base current source voltage () 0.01V / div 
  External input 0.01V / div 
X axis deflection factor: 
    the collector voltage range (VC) 10mV / div-50V / div points and 12 stalls 
    (VD) 500V / div 
    base current or base source voltage () 0.01V / div 
    external input 0.01V / div  
    ladder current range: 0.5μA / grade --100mA / fractions of 17 stall 
    ladder voltage range: 0.05V / grade -1V / fraction 5-speed 
    series resistance: O, 10KΩ, 1MΩ divided into three files 
    per cluster Series: 1-10 grade continuously adjustable. 
    Second stage: 200 
    Polarity: positive, negative, different third gear. 
Collector scan signal 
    peak voltage and current capacity range: 
    0-10V file (10A) 
    0-50V file (1A) 
    0-100V file (0.5A) 
             0-500V file (0.1A)  
    0-5KV file (5mA) 
             0- -500VAC file (0.1A) 
   power limiting resistor: 0 ~ 500KΩ points and 11 stalls 
general performance 
    forms: horizontal 
    dimensions: 320 × 210 × 400 (mm) 
    Weight: about 18kg 
    Power supply voltage: 220V ± 10% 
    Frequency: 50Hz ± 5% of the 
    apparent power: the non-test status about 50VA 
              maximum power of about 80VA

WQ4832 Transistor Curve Tracer 
WQ4832 Tracer is a transistor curve, Which is Used to measure Various Characteristic curves of transistor device. 
Y Axis Deflection Coefficient 
Collector Current: (IC) 0.5 A / div-1A / div in 20 Steps  
     (IR) 50nA / div-1 A / div in 5 Steps 
X Axis Deflection Coefficient 
Collector Voltage: (VC) 10mV / div-50V / div in 12 Steps 
           (VD) 500V / div 
Base Voltage: (VBE) 0.05V / div-1V / div in 5 Steps 
Step Signal 
Step Current: 0.5 A / step-100mA / step in 17 Steps 
Step Voltage: 0.05V / step-1V / step in 5 Steps 
Collector Sweep Signal 
Output Voltage and Current Capacity:  
                            10A 0-10V 
                            0-50V 1A 
                            0- 100V 0.5A 
                                     0.1A 0-500V  
                            0-5KV 5mA 
                            0-500V (AC) 0.1A 
Power Supply: AC220V / 50Hz 
Useful Screen Area of CRT 10div × 10div (1div = 0.8cm) 
Dimensions: 320 × 210 × 400 (mm ) 
Weight: Approx 18kg


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IV Transistor Curve Tracer WQ4832
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