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K-type Temperature sensor probe 1.92 meter Long

K-type Temperature sensor probe 1.92 meter Long

K-type thermocouple

Specifications :
1. Temperature range: -50 ~ 350 ℃ (below)
2. Fiberglass cable length: 1.92 m
3. Interface Type: flat plug-in
4. Interface Length: 12.5MM, because this is the most common interface on the market with the length of the instrument
Thermocouple Thermometer schematic
Galvanic core temperature thermocouple wire and composed by the right one, if the hot end of the thermocouple is heated so that the cold temperature of the hot ends are different, then the thermocouple circuit will generate thermoelectric power, the physical phenomenon is called thermoelectric phenomenon (i.e., thermoelectric effect). Electric potential generated by the temperature difference between the thermocouple circuit potential and the potential of two parts joined shock contact potential: it is a thermoelectric power generated when in contact with each other in two different electron densities conductor. When two different conductors A and B into contact, and the electron density is assumed that the conductors A, respectively B and Nb and Na Na> Nb, the contact surface, the diffusion rate of electrons in both directions in the two conductors do not same, the diffusion of the conductor A to conductor B of the number of electrons than the electron diffusion from B to A to be more. A conductor is positive and significant loss of electrons, electron conductor B is eligible is negative and significant. Accordingly, in A, B two conductors of the contact surface is formed an electrostatic field from A to B, and the electric field will disturb diffusion continued movement, while accelerating the movement of electrons in the opposite direction, from B to A so that the number of electrons increases Finally, a dynamic equilibrium state. In this case A, also formed a potential difference between the B, the potential difference is called the contact potential. This potential is only in contact with the temperature and the nature of the relevant points of the two conductors, two conductors when certain materials, contact potential and its only contact temperature. The higher the temperature, the more active the electronic conductor, the diffusion of the conductor A to conductor B of the more electrons, resulting in higher electric field strength generated by the contact surface of the premises, and thus the greater the contact potential. This will produce a difference in temperature thermoelectric power by connecting two wires shown in the display instrument 3.
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K-type Temperature sensor probe 1.92 meter Long
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