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LP2954 SMD 8pin Adjustable Micropower LDO Regulator

LP2954 SMD 8pin Adjustable Micropower LDO Regulator


The LP2954 is an adjustable micropower LDO with very low quiescent current (90 μA typical at 1-mA load) and very low dropout voltage (typically 60 mV at light loads and 470 mV at 250-mA load current). The quiescent current increases only slightly at dropout (120 μA typical), which prolongs battery life. LP2954 is provided in an 8-pin, small outline SOIC package. The adjustable version also provides a resistor network which can be pin strapped to set the output to any voltage from to 1.23 V to 29 V.


• Adjustable 1.23-V to 29-V Output Voltage Available (LP2954IM and LP2954AIM)

• Ensured 250-mA Output Current

• Extremely Low Quiescent Current

• Low Dropout Voltage

• Reverse Battery Protection

• Extremely Tight Line and Load Regulation

• Very Low Temperature Coefficient

• Current and Thermal Limiting

 • Adjustable Version Adds ERROR Flag to Warn of Output Drop and a Logic-Controlled Shutdown

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LP2954 SMD 8pin Adjustable Micropower LDO Regulator
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