Mach3 USB CNC 4 Axis Engraving Machine Interface Board Best price in Egypt

Mach3 USB CNC 4 Axis Engraving Machine Interface Board
NMotion control card features:
Ø Support all versions of Mach3, including the latest version.
Ø Supports all Windows versions, including Win8 WIN10
Ø USB no driver, all Windows version plug and play, support hot plug.
Ø USB bus using high-grade chip magnetically isolated, truly valuable isolation, different from the general control card optocoupler isolated input and output, so that the super-reliability, absolutely guarantee the safety of computer USB.While ensuring that the super-EMC anti-jamming capability.
Ø single-chip, the system more streamlined, multi-chip processing than the average stability of the high I do not know how many times.
Ø dual-core ultra-high-speed CPU (single-core maximum clock speed of 204MHz), computing processing capacity is extremely redundant. And to ensure the realization of 4-axis linkage 500KHz pulse output frequency, 6-axis linkage of the pulse output frequency up to 300KHz, can be accessed by servo / step.
Ø Motion control buffer size can be set to ensure the fastest interpolation cycle can be stable operation, the computer can run smoothly when the load is too heavy.
Ø  has 16 isolated input port, an input interface easier, wet and dry contacts can port wiring simpler method as long as the external dry contact connected to a physical switch to ground, all 16 input port has signal indication, Is low when the indicator light, debugging simple and clear.
Ø Up to 12 outputs (4-way isolation / 4-channel non-isolation), 4-axis 12-channel output, 6-axis 8-channel output.
PWM output port (isolated), can be set PWM frequency, duty cycle 0 ~ 1000 continuously adjustable to support the servo spindle, the pulse frequency up to 800K
Ø has a speed function, spindle speed in the Mach3 interface real-time display, accurate and stable measurement.
Ø The circuit board is made by the engineer carefully, the design level is clear at a glance.
Ø With 256 bytes of NVRAM space, can save the coordinates of 6 axes, the next power-up without changing the zero.

 mach3 how the softwareinstallation problems , see Baidu tray installation video

Share information and nMotion real test videoin Baidu disk, you can get free, note that this is only for individuals sharing enthusiasts, there are for commercial use, please go to the regular purchase Rights
Links: d6qn
Circuit analysis of the details

1.USB magnetic coupling isolation

Board integrated USB isolation circuit, unlike most of the card is not, not interference, but also followed a USB isolation plate, do not say unstable, the cost is even higher.

2. High-power isolated power module

24V turn 5V power isolation module, the input voltage range of 18 ~ 36V , 5V6W output power, in addition to the board spent 1.5W about electricity, the external supply can at least 4W power output.

3. The dual-core CPU 204MHz frequency

Single-chip dual-core 32 Wei the MCU , I do not know how many similar products super performance, streamline design, the system is more stable and reliable.


4. Bi-directional optocoupler isolation input

Using bidirectional optocoupler can be adapted to NPN and PNP input two sensors, electronic counterparts can do and see, so called isolation, ground to be separated, with no traces of copper and shop! Each input has a LED LED indication for easy debugging.

5.NVRAM battery


     NVRAM battery mount, save processing machine coordinates and line number.



6. The output port 4 opto isolated



    Isolated signal output, suitable for control of the inverter forward and reverse and other large interference control signal.


    7.PWM isolated output with voltage selection function


PWM 10M high-speed optocoupler isolation, and 5V or 10V analog voltage output selection

8. Tacho optocoupler


The same 10M high-speed optocoupler isolation, can capture a higher frequency pulse signal, and the signal to the probe zero input, can be used as the spindle tapping quasi-stop



9. handwheel using the Interface

Hand wheel with a dedicated interface, does not take any input interface, hand wheel has an independent emergency stop input IN17.


10. Universal extended interface

Universal extension interface RS232 interface and SPI interface, the follow-up to increase the expansion board to do the offline functionality .

11.AI analog input interface

Two analog input interface, can be connected to the potentiometer to control the feed override or spindle override, jog magnification, can also be used to measure the external sensor used. 

12. Pulse output interface to solve a terminal, wiring more convenient

13. Material enough, never cheaper to install less capacitance

There is also a capacitor without screenshots, a full 5 bile capacitance, plus two inductors, circuit stability fully considered.

14. Various protection details

A) Power supply input recovery and overvoltage protection

B) input port varistor protection, effectively prevent the surge and electrostatic breakdown of the input part of the circuit.

c) output string has a 22 ohm resistor protect the drive up chip output action when excessive current

d) encoder input plus the input buffer chip, on the one hand to filter out high frequency noise, on the other hand protect the input lines are not broken by static electricity

e) linear power 5V output since the resumption of insurance (this 5V output power supply by 24V power supply linear power conversion obtained)

f) output digital 5V (digital isolation power output)

G) the USB port dedicated TVS protection






Hand Wheel controller " purchased separetly "

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