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MAX471 DC Voltage and Current Sensor Module 2 in 1

MAX471 DC Voltage and Current Sensor Module 2 in 1

Voltage detection current detection module voltage sensor current sensor

Module Function:

Measure the voltage and current in the circuit.
Current detection using the United States and the United States produced a sophisticated high-end current detection amplifier chip MAX471. The module does not need an external power supply, the module directly within the detected power supply. The minimum operating current for the MAX471 is 3V, and the minimum voltage input for this module is 3V.
Voltage detection using the principle of the resistance divider designed to make the terminal interface input voltage reduced by 5 times. Arduino analog input voltage up to 5V, then the voltage detection module input voltage can not be greater than 5V × 5 = 25V (3.3V system if used, the input voltage can not be greater than 3.3Vx5 = 16.5V)
Detection Pin Description:
VT: voltage detection pin, the detection voltage is 1/5 of the input voltage
AT: Current sense pin
GND: Connect to Arduino GND
Voltage detection range: 3-25V (Arduino operating voltage of 5V) or 3-16.5V (Arduino operating voltage of 3.3v); Current detection range: 0-3A, precision 2 hundred, the current voltage conversion ratio of 1V / A
Use Arduino to measure the load voltage input and the magnitude of the operating current, where the arduino operating voltage is 5V.
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MAX471 DC Voltage and Current Sensor Module 2 in 1
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