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MIC29302W 3A High-Current Low Dropout Voltage Regulators

MIC29302W 3A High-Current Low Dropout Voltage Regulators
General Description:
The MIC29302W are high current, high accuracy, low dropout voltage regulators. Using Microchip’s proprietary Super βeta PNP process with a PNP pass element, these regulators feature 350 mV to 425 mV (full load) typical dropout voltages and very low ground current. Designed for high current loads, these devices also find applications in lower current, extremely low dropout-critical systems, where their tiny dropout voltage and ground current values are important attributes.
The MIC29302W  are fully protected against overcurrent faults, reversed input polarity, reversed lead insertion, overtemperature operation, and positive and negative transient voltage spikes. Five pin fixed-voltage versions feature logic level ON/OFF control and an error flag that signals whenever the output falls out of regulation. Flagged states include low input voltage (dropout), output current limit, overtemperature shutdown, and extremely high voltage spikes on the input. On the MIC29xx1 and MIC29xx2, the ENABLE pin may be tied to VIN if it is not required for ON/OFF control.
The MIC29302W are available in 5-pin surface mount TO-263 (D2Pak) packages. 

• Battery-Powered Equipment
• High-Efficiency Green Computer Systems
• Automotive Electronics
• High-Efficiency Linear Power Supplies
• High-Efficiency Post-Regulator for Switching Supply
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MIC29302W 3A High-Current Low Dropout Voltage Regulators
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