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Micro Ohm Meter

Micro Ohm Meter

Technical Specifications

Basic accuracy: 0.1%

7 Range: 1μΩ-30kΩ

VFD display 30,000 readings

Test speed: 15 times / sec., 5 times / sec., 3 times / sec.

High current test mode (<1A)

Performance characteristics


Dual display: Δ / Δ% / sorting the results displayed simultaneously

Full-scale calibration is cleared.

Built-in comparator, HI / IN / LOW / GD / NG display.

Terminal test.

Optional RS232 interface, Handler interface and GPIB interfaces.

Beep and display adjustable.

Internal and manual triggers.

Keyboard lock function.

Data hold function.



Measuring a variety of high, medium and low value resistor

A variety of switch contact resistance

Connector contact resistance

Relay line package and contact resistance

Transformers, inductors, motors, deflection coil winding resistance

Wire resistance

Solder contact resistance

Metal riveting resistance cars, boats, aircraft

Printed version of the resistance lines and holes

Metal detection, and so on.


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Micro Ohm Meter
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