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NdFeB NEODYMIUM Magnet Block N35 40X20X10-5mm

NdFeB NEODYMIUM Magnet Block N35 40X20X10-5mm

Rectangular with single hole strong magnet 40X20X10-5mm

rare earth permanent magnet Wang rubidium iron boron rectangular strong magnet 40*20*10-5mm magnetite magnet

Product name: Strong magnet scientific name NdFeB magnet

Product size: length 40 mm width 20mm thickness 10mm-5mm counterbore  tolerance +-0.2mm unit mm

The reference is a one yuan coin, please refer to

Performance grade: N35 nickel plating

Magnetization direction: Thickness magnetization (NS pole on the maximum 2 planes)

Working temperature: maximum 80 degrees Celsius

Product details: a magnet

Note: Be careful using magnet is fragile products  dried stored at room temperature


Tip . The unit of NdFeB strong magnetic is millimeters, so you should look at the specific size when you buy , so as not to shoot the wrong product.

2. Neodymium iron boron strong magnets are fragile products , especially thin sheets and long strips. Pay more attention to the operation. Be careful to shift the magnets when separating the magnets . Do not directly break them. Keep a certain distance after the separation. Do not magnet and magnet. Free to attract impact.
3. The neodymium iron boron strong magnetic surface is protected by an electroplating layer, which has a certain rust and corrosion resistance, but if it is not used in time, please keep it in a dry environment.
4. NdFeB strong magnetic is very strong, so please stay away from your related electronic products, such as magnetic cards, mobile phones and so on.
5. Different grades of NdFeB strong magnets have different temperature resistance limits, generally are resistant to high temperature of 80 °, we can also be customized to better temperature resistance, such as 100 degrees, 150 degrees, 180 degrees and so on. The highest NdFeB resistance is 220 degrees, few domestic companies can do it.
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NdFeB NEODYMIUM Magnet Block N35 40X20X10-5mm
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