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ModelDSO7302B DSO7304BDSO7202B DSO7204BDSO7102B DSO7104BDSO7082B DSO7064B
Analog Bandwidth300MHz200MHz100MHz80MHz / 60MHz
Real-time sampling2GSa / s
Record Length64K
Timebase range (s / div)2ns / div-40s / div4ns / div-40s / div
Delay between channels500ps
Vertical Systems
AD converter8bit resolution, two-channel simultaneous acquisition
Vertical Sensitivity2mV / div ~ 5V / div (at the BNC input)
Vertical displacement range± 50V (5V / div), ± 40V (2V / div ~ 500mV / div), ± 2V (200mV / div ~ 50mV / div) ± 400mV (20mV / div ~ 2mV / div)
Rise time (in the BNC)≤1.2ns≤1.8ns≤3.5ns≤4.4ns / ≤5.8ns
DC gain accuracy2mV / div ~ 5mV / div ± 4% (the average of the sampling or sampling) 10mV / div ~ 5V / div ± 3% (sample or average sampling)
Trigger System
Trigger sensitivity (edge-triggered)DC: from DC to 10MHz for a grid, from 10MHz to 1.5 100M grid; from 100MHz to 300MHz for two grid; EXT: from DC to 40MHz for 200mV; EXT / 5: from DC to 40MHz for 1V; AC: attenuation 10Hz The following signals; High Frequency Rejection:> 80kHz signal will be attenuated; LF Reject: <will attenuate signals 150kHZ; Noise Reduction: Reduce the trigger sensitivity
Trigger level rangeInside: from the screen center ± 8div external (EXT): ± 1.2V; External (EXT / 5): ± 6V
Trigger Level Accuracy (typical)Internal: ± (0.3div × V / div) (from the center of the screen within ± 4div range) EXT: ± (6% setpoint + 40mV) EXT / 5: ± (6% setpoint + 200mV)
Holdoff Range100ns-10s
Trigger TypeVideo, edge, pulse width, slope, overtime, alternate trigger
Trigger Frequency CounterReading resolution: 6; accuracy (typical): ± 30ppm (including all frequency reference errors and ± 1 calculation error); Frequency Range: AC coupling, from the smallest to the rated bandwidth of 10Hz
Cursor measurementsManual mode: the voltage difference between cursors △ V; time difference △ T between cursors; △ T reciprocal, in Hz (1 / △ T); tracking mode: the voltage value and the time value of waveform points
Automatic measurement (32 kinds)Frequency, period, average, peak to peak, RMS, maximum, minimum, rise time, fall time, Positive Width, Negative Width, the rising phase, falling phase, positive duty cycle, negative duty cycle, the bottom value, top value, median, amplitude, overshoot, pre-shoot, Cycle Mean, Cycle mean square value, falling overshoot, the rising preshoot, BWIDTH, FRF, FFR, LRR, LRF, LFR, LFF
General Characteristics
Display Type7 "TFT 16-bit true color LCD screen
Display Resolution800 * 480 resolution
Contrast16-speed adjustable and the screen displays a progress bar adjustment
InterfaceUSB master and slave interfaces
Supply Voltage100-120VACRMS (± 10%), 45Hz to 440Hz, CAT II; 120-240VACRMS (± 10%), 45Hz to 66Hz, CATⅡ
Fuse2A, T-stage, 250V
SizeLength: (313mm) Width: (108mm) high: (142mm)
WeightWithout packaging: 2.08KG Features Overview:
2GS / s real-time sampling rate; 60-300MHz bandwidth; 2/4 channel oscilloscope + external trigger; 64K memory depth is large and clear display screen (7.0-inch LCD color display with a resolution of up to 800x480), clear and vivid waveform display strong trigger function
Integrated USB Host, support U disk storage, USB interface, system upgrades slim design, lightweight, easy to carry more than 30 kinds of automatic measurement functions


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