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Packages and Offers
3D Printer and CNC High Torque big Size  Nema17 Stepper Motor 17H2A9612
Brand: Chinese Model: 17H2A9612
Specs of Nema17 Stepper Motor 17HS9612 :Two-phase stepper motor, 42 steps. Size: 42.5 * 42.5 * 60mmRepRap 42 two-phase four-wire stepper motor --3D printer parts the most important driving forceSimply put, the stepper motor is controlled by current pulses to precisely the ..
Brand: Chinese Model: C-KIT-01
Ceramic capacitor Package 30 value Each 10pcs 2pf~0.1uFelectronic components Pack 300Pcs Description:Model:Cermic capacitor 2pf~0.1uf 100% Brand New High qualit Working temperature at -25 ~ 85 CE,RoHS authentication Package 2PF 3PF 5PF 10PF..
Brand: Chinese Model: R-KIT-01
400Pcs 20 Kinds Each Value Metal Film Resistor pack 1/4W 1% resistor assorted Kit Set1% 1/4W Metal Film Resistor Assorted 30 Kinds Value 600pcs 20pcs Each Description: 1% 1/4W Metal Film Resistor Assorted Kit 30 Values Total 600pcs 20pcs Each 1% tolerance. Quantity: 30values x 20pc..
3D Printer Electronics Standard Kit MK2
Brand: Chinese Model: 3D-KIT-002
Description:   1. PCB Heatbed MK2BRelative latest version Mk2a, a major upgrade to the 12V 24V dual power. 12V connection: a cable connected 1, 2 and 3 in addition a line connected simultaneously 24V Connection: a line then 2, then 3 in addition a line (not connected 1 vacant)..
3D Printer Electronics Standard Kit MK1
Brand: Chinese Model: 3D-KIT-001
Save More than 200LE !This is the DIY kit for assembling your own 3D printer fast and easy starting ,This 3D printer electronic kit is the brain of choice for most 3D printer. We offer an affordable and universal solution to start building your 3D printer. The components included in this ki..
Brand: Chinese Model: Components-kit
With this  good component package, playing and learning arduino basically do not need to buy any other electronic materials.Shipping list: Order No. name Regulation grid Number amount Single-  digit 1 Carbon film resistor i..
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