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PCB circuit board thermal transfer Heat Toner Yellow paper size A4 (PCB DIY)

PCB circuit board thermal transfer Heat Toner Yellow paper size A4 (PCB DIY)

Product Description

The best PCB making method should be the toner transfer, this is a material you must have.

Print it with laser machine, you hot laminator machine to transfer the toner to your copper board, be aware to prepare your copper board well with sanding, the last step is etching.

The advantage of using this kind of methods:

  • A4 Size
  • Very efficiency
  • Low cost
  • High precision
  • Easy to use, less steps compare to corrosion
  • 100PCS, this is around 0.6KG, high weight.

How To Use It:-


Great Like to learn how to use it .. Click here


1. Print on the white paper

Get one piece of paper on the top in the paper tray, mark a “A” for direction, next time you will remember to how to put it again in the try with right direction and side.

Print your board file directly on the white paper, we use nanino project, which is very suitable for making home-made arduino. See below.

Print Nanino


2. Cut and tape the toner transfer paper

Find where you want to place the toner paper, cut a right size, make sure on the two side of the cut toner transfer paper are little bit longer for taping, because the toner transfer paper is now overlayer on the 4A paper with the front side, so that don’t tape it directly on the toner transfer paper.

2013-03-04 22.58.59     2013-03-06 20.39.42

Once taped, put the A4 paper with taped toner transfer paper into the paper tray with right direction and side, print it again, you will get, for my printer, the marker is on the back side of the paper:

2013-03-06 20.38.34

3. Sand your Copper Board, Re-tape

Sand your copper board with 600 sand paper, until you can FEEL it is very rough. See the picture in step 4 how rough it looks.

Remove the toner transfer paper away from the A4 paper, put the front side towards to the copper board, tape them together. Now it’s no matter where you tape, you can tape directly on the transfer paper to make sure they are firmly locked together.

2013-03-06 20.42.16

 4. Toner Transfer and Double Check

Turn on the laminator, adjust the temperature to 180-200 degreen, put the board to move in and reverse to move back, in and back, in and back for at least 5 turns. Now it’s done. See the result.

Now you should double check all the lines (traces) to see if all goods, we use a oil black marker to redraw the lines, you can see the words “EDN” (not END :D) for demo

2013-03-06 21.02.29

5. Etch

Get hot water, stir the etch solution and etch your board, it’s easy and no more need to mention. Takes around 5 minutes.

Some toner off during washing.

2013-03-06 21.20.05     2013-03-06 21.17.55     2013-03-06 21.22.29

6. Get rid of the rest Toner on the board

Now you the sand paper again now, this time you need more fine sand paper, about 1000, carefully sand it and get final board!

One more step is I used a bigger cutter to cut the rest of the board, easily like cutting cake :D just a quick solution, you get use a PCB cutter.

Drilling holes we will not mention here anymore, you can also get drill bit at electrodragon.

Looks great ?! It’s very simple, how you like.

2013-03-06 21.22.44    2013-03-06 21.28.48     2013-03-06 21.26.47     2013-03-06 21.28.29

 Sorry! no video to show.

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PCB circuit board thermal transfer Heat Toner Yellow paper size A4 (PCB DIY)
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