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PT2262 RF remote control system Encoder SMD SOP 20Pin

PT2262 RF remote control system Encoder SMD SOP 20Pin


PT2262 is a remote control encoder paired with either PT2262 utilizing CMOS Technology. It encodes data and address pins into a serial coded waveform suitable for RF modulation. PT2262 has a maximum of 10bits tri-state address pins providing up to 59049 address codes; thereby, drastically reducing any code collision and unauthorized code scanning possibilities. PT2262 is one of the first generation of Encoder/Decoder ICs that utilizes the unique PTC technology. When paired with PT2262 , this encoder/decoder (PT2262 /SC2272) pair can operate at very wide temperature range. Thus, this very important feature enables your encoder/decoder to operate under the worst environmental condition.


Low power consumption

Wide operating temperature range: -30~70 °C

8 or 10 tri-state code address pins

2 or 4 data pins

Wide range of operating voltage :1.8- 12 volt

Single resistor oscillator Least external components 


Home/motor car security system

Garage door controller

Remote fan controller

Remote control toys

PT2262 Datasheet 

SC2262 Datasheet

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PT2262 RF remote control system Encoder SMD SOP 20Pin
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