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PWM DC motor speed controller Driver 20A

PWM DC motor speed controller Driver 20A

PWM Introduction:

   PWM full name: Pulse WidthModulator, referred to PWM. Because of its special properties, it is often used as the DC circuit lighting dimming or DC motor speed. This circuit is the use of pulse width modulation (PWM) principle of making motor controller. By adopting the mode control motor speed has two advantages:
   1. It is mainly by changing the duty cycle square wave output, so that the average load on the on-time change from 0-100%, to achieve the purpose to adjust the brightness of the load / speed. The use of pulse width modulation (PWM) mode to achieve the benefits of dimming / speed control is energy supply can be fully utilized, the high efficiency of the circuit. For example: When the output is 50% of the square wave pulse width modulation (PWM) power supply circuit of energy consumption for 50%, or almost all of the energy is converted to an output load power. And when using a common resistance buck governor, to make available to the load Maximum output power of 50%, the power supply must provide 71% power output, 21% of which is consumed in the resistor voltage drop and heat consumption.
   2. using pulse width modulation (PWM) mode allows the load to get the full supply voltage is at work, which will help to overcome the inherent motor winding resistance leaving the motor generates a greater torque.

     Technical Parameters                                                        

■ Operating voltage: DC9V-60V                                  Output voltage: Load Linear

 Maximum current:. 20A                               Continuous current: 18A

 Speed ​​range: 0% - 100%                  control frequency: 25KHZ

 Speed ​​mode: potentiometer                    ■ Speed ​​Type: adjusting flow

 Motherboard dimensions: length 92 the MM * 52 the MM * 36 the MM            Product Weight: 126 grams


Red wire: positive power supply +   black to: negative power supply -

Blue Line connection: the motor is +   Green Line:Negative Motor -

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PWM DC motor speed controller Driver 20A
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