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RH6041 2 input key 2-channel Touch Sensing IC SOP8

RH6041 2 input key 2-channel Touch Sensing IC SOP8

RH6041 is a Dual-channel touch chip for LED lightness regulation. This chip can control the on/off state of LED light and regulate its lightness on a continuous range, which could be used on incandescent and halogen LED strips. As RH6041 has an EFT value over ±2 KV, the touching sensitivity and response time of RH6041 proves to be fine, even under the interference of mobile phones that exist in the near field. 


·         Working voltage: 2.3V ~ 5.5V (LDO enabled)

·      Working current: 3uA@3V in low power mode, fast mode 8uA@3V

·      Self-calibration function to adapt to changes in ambient temperature and humidity

·      Fast/low power modes, synchronous/ Hold mode, single key/multi key mode

·      Active high/low output via external pins, CMOS/Open Drain Output, Maximum On Time

·      Built-in voltage regulator circuit, which can effectively prevent power supply voltage ripple interference

·      Fast initialization within 0.5 seconds after power-on

·      High reliability, built-in debounce circuit in the chip, which can effectively prevent Malfunction due to external noise interference

·      SMD packaged i: SSOP16, SOP8, etc.

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    RH6041 2 input key 2-channel Touch Sensing IC SOP8
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