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RH6616 1-CH Capacitive touch sensor IC SMD 8PIN

RH6616 1-CH Capacitive touch sensor IC SMD 8PIN

1 Overview:

RH6616 (F / N) is a single-channel capacitive touch-sensing PWM output dimming IC.

RH6616 (F / N) can realize the touch function under the condition of medium (such as glass, acrylic, plastic, ceramic, etc.) isolation protection, with high safety.

RH6616 (F / N) has built-in voltage stabilization source, power-on reset / low-voltage reset and environment adaptive algorithm and other measures, with excellent anti-interference performance.

RH6616 (F / N) application range: touch dimming LED desk lamp, touch dimming LED wall lamp or other touch products that require PWM output control.


2. Features:
Working voltage: 2.4V 5.5V
Standby current is less than 20uA @ 3V
Quick initialization after power-on 0.5s

Environmental adaptation function, can quickly respond to similar application scenarios such as covering the medium before power-on, touch power on

Reliable power-on reset (POR) and low-voltage reset (LVR) performance

PWM output 256-level brightness, PWM frequency up to 4KHz effectively improve strobe

Package: SOP8, DIP8


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RH6616 1-CH Capacitive touch sensor IC SMD 8PIN
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