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Rotary Encoders

Hall Effect Two Channel Magnetic Rotary AB Encoder for DC motors
Brand: Chinese Model: ENCODER-V1
Features: A two-channel Hall effect encoder is used to sense the rotation of a magnetic disk on a rear protrusion of the motor shaft. The quadrature encoder provides a resolution of 7 counts per revolution of the motor shaft when counting both edges of both channels. To compute the counts per revolu..
Brand: Chinese Model: EC11-ENCODER
Features:continuous rotary encoder switch  with built in push button Can be used for data entry as with modern in-car CD players, for volume & on/off control or data selection via LCD displaySimple to use with PIC or ATMEL microcontrollers (Arduino like Microcontrollers).Spec..
Incremental Optical Rotary Encoder 400 pulse/rev
Brand: Chinese Model: Encoder ZSP4006
Model: Rotary Encoder ZSP4006AB two-phase to produce recognizable direction by the rotation of the grating disk and optocoupler counting pulse signal. Performance: 100/200/300/360/600 / 400P / R- single-phase 400 pulses per revolution,DC5-30V wide voltage power supply, 4..
Brand: Chinese Model: HC-89
HC-89 Photoelectric Sensor Infrared Correlation Sensor Module for Arduino/Raspberry-Pi/RoboticsCorrelation Photoelectric Sensor Lot Infrared Correlation Count Sensor Module Product Details:Count Sensor Module Condition: New PCB two round hole to the center distance is 1.5..
Brand: Chinese Model: MOD-015
Key Features360 degree shaft movement (endless rotation) 20 detent points 20 pulses Switch rating: 10mA @ 5VDC With Momentary ON switch Service life: 30000 timesSpecifications Type Module Use For Universal Module Function ..
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