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SC662K-3.3V Fixed 3.3V 250mA LDO Regulator SOT23

SC662K-3.3V Fixed 3.3V 250mA LDO Regulator SOT23
SC662K is a high ripple rejection, low power consumption, low dropout voltage, CMOS step-down voltage regulator with over-current and short-circuit protection. has a very low static Bias current (25uA Typ.), they can have 250 mA output current in the case of very small input and output voltage difference, and can still maintain good regulation Whole rate. Due to the small voltage difference between input and output and the low quiescent bias current, these devices are ideal for battery-operated applications where it is desired to extend useful battery life. Products such as computers, consumer products, and industrial equipment.
  •  High precision output voltage: ±2%, maximum working voltage: 6.0V;
  •  Output voltage: 1.5 V~5.0V (step size 0.1V);
  •  Very low quiescent bias current (Typ.=25 uA);
  •  Strong load capacity: Iout= 250mA when Vin=4.3V and V out=3.3V;
  •  Very low input and output voltage difference: 0.2V/ 90mA and 0.40 V/150mA;
  •  Good input stability: Typ. 0.03 %/V;
  •  Low temperature adjustment coefficient;
  •  Can be used as regulator and reference voltage;
  •  Package form: SOT23-3
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SC662K-3.3V Fixed 3.3V 250mA LDO Regulator SOT23
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