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Solar Cell 5V / 4.5W / Photo Voltage PV

Solar Cell 5V / 4.5W / Photo Voltage PV


  • 1) high conversion rate, high efficiency output.
  • 2) Excellent low light effect,very powerful,This is perfect for the experience solderer.
  • 3) A unique process to make components beautiful and strong anti-snow, easy to install.
  • 4) This process of solar panels bright surface bright, excellent transmission. Another light weight, thin thickness, shape appropriate to change..
  • Can be used to some DIY solar products, Solar Powered Lights for Outdoor,Patio,Garden,Home,Holiday Decoration,such as solar toys, miniature solar system. Arbitrarily change the output power and voltage through different connect way in series or in parallel, meet your needs!

5V 4.5W Solar Panel Polycrystalline Epoxy Solar Cell 165x165
mm/6.5x6.5" Solar panel for DIY Home Solar Sistem Sun Power
Energy Module

Model: 5V 4.5W
Type: Epoxy solar panel / module
Maximum power: 4.5 (W)
Operating Current: 0..9(A)
Operating voltage: 5(V)

Size: 165mm * 165mm
Thickness: 2 mm
Rated voltage: 5V
Material: Polycrystalline
Production: PCB + Epoxy
Product life: 5 - 10 years

There may be some solar panels have a small spots on the side,
please don't worry, it's normal phenomenon and will not affect
the function of the solar panels.Please choose the cells
carefully,it's micro and super thin,so it breaks easily in
transit,but please contact us once you get it have any problem.
The color is blue, becouse of Production process reasons,
Unavoidable color depth is different, some panels is deep, some
panels is pale.
But it has the same function.(you can see it in the following
The sunlight strength will effect the performance of the solar
cell, please use it in good sunlight.

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Solar Cell 5V / 4.5W / Photo Voltage PV
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