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16 Channels Relay Module for ESP32 IOT Development Board
New -5 %
Brand: UGE Electronics Model: WIFI-16RELAY
INTRODUCTION:In order to meet the customer's demand for the control of the switching device, we releases a ESP32  Compatible 16-channel relay module which allows a small level signal to control any normal outlet or high voltage This is a 12V 16-Channel Relay interface board, be a..
450.00EGP 475.00EGP
Brand: UGE Electronics Model: 3in1-ard
3X1 Arduino Uno Plus Sensor Shield Plus L293D Shield Three in One Development Boardsave money and time to work fast in arduino projects related to robotics by using our new board designed by our specialist engineerwe decide to make one board that include Arduino Uno microcontroller MEGA328 and CH340..
340.00EGP 375.00EGP
Brand: Chinese Model: 803-B
feature: This is a mobile power module accessory, 18650 board enclosure.Meet your DIY's individual needs, but you must understand the basic electronics assembly.The motherboard's own protection features: charging overcharge protection, over discharge protection, over current protectio..
95.00EGP 110.00EGP
Brand: UGE Electronics Model: 6WD-Rover
The wheel mechanism have rocker-bogie suspension. Wider wheels and rubber grip on wheels are provided for great traction. The chassis has enough space and holes to put your Arduino, Motor driver, battery, switch, servo motor, ultrasonic sensor etc. Bill of Materials :- 6 Geared Motors- 6 Wheels..
495.00EGP 585.00EGP
Brand: UGE Electronics Model: Uno-UGE
This Arduino Uno Egypt. In addition to all the features of the original board,This Arduino Uno Board now uses the CH340 IC instead of the ATMEGA16U2 found on the Arduino Uno (or the FTDI found on previous generations). by using this CH340 IC we successfully re..
295.00EGP 350.00EGP
Brand: UGE Electronics Model: TTL-Keyboard
This Module is exactlly the same like your KeyBoard and your Pc will recognize it as a KeyBoard ,and instead of pressing a physical key on the keyboard , the Microcontroller send a character or word to the keyboard Module  and your com..
135.00EGP 150.00EGP
Brand: Chinese Model: electronics-kit-300
Main Features:● Electronic building blocks assembly toy for developing children's interest in science● 34 kinds of circuit styles for students to try and learn circuit connection● Special assembly expert for easy DIY assembling● Develop hands-on ability and creative ability ● Suitable for child..
1,000.00EGP 1,200.00EGP
Brand: UGE Electronics Model: z-adj
Adjust your double z-axis screws by placing the plate under the frame to make sure that the z-plates are at equal distance from the printer's base.Demonstration  ..
10.00EGP 12.00EGP
Brand: Chinese Model: PIN-F
Female Pin Terminal Spring Head for plastic shell dupont connector (100 Pieces Pack)..
25.00EGP 30.00EGP
Model: CAP-Touch-Dimmer-DUAL
LED Capacitive Touch Dimmer Dual Channel Output for Smart Mirror LightsFunctional characteristicstouch dimming module can realize the touch switch control and brightness adjustment of LED lights. Has the following functional characteristics and advantages:⒈The brightness o..
145.00EGP 165.00EGP
Brand: UGE Electronics Model: mod-L9110-4X
Descriptions: - Module supply voltage: 2.5-12V- Suitable Motor range: between motor operating voltage 2.5v-12V, the maximum operating current of 0.8A- PCB board size: 2.8cm * 2.1cm ultra-small size, suitable for assembly- Is provided with a fixed mounting holes, diameter: 3mm Modules Inter..
65.00EGP 75.00EGP
Model: Buck Converter
Specifications:MPS MP2307DN buck regulator IC 4.75 – 23VDC input voltage 1.0 – 17VDC selectable output voltage 3A surge current, 1.8A continuous rated current Maximum conversion efficiency of 95% (5Vin, 3.3Vout ~200mA output) 340kHz switching freq..
28.00EGP 35.00EGP
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