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STC Microcontroller STC8H8K64U-45I-SKDIP28

STC Microcontroller STC8H8K64U-45I-SKDIP28

Core Specs:

 Ultra-high speed 8051 Core with single clock per machine cycle, which is called 1T and the speed is about 12 times faster than traditional 8051

 Fully compatible instruction set with traditional 8051

 22 interrupt sources and 4 interrupt priority levels

 Online debugging is supported

 Operating voltage 1.9V~5.5V

 Operating temperature -40℃~85℃ (The chip is produced in -40℃~125℃ process. Please refer to the description of the electrical characteristics chapter for applications beyond the temperature range)

 Flash memory Up to 64Kbytes of Flash memory to be used to store user code

 Configurable EEPROM size, 512 bytes single page for being erased, which can be repeatedly erased more than 100 thousand times.

 In-System-Programming, ISP in short, can be used to update the application code. No special programmer is needed.

 Online debugging with single chip is supported, and no special emulator is needed. The number of breakpoints is unlimited theoretically.

 SRAM 128 bytes internal direct access RAM (DATA, use keyword data to declare in C language program)

 8192 bytes internal extended RAM (internal XDATA, use keyword xdata to declare in C language program)

 1280 bytes USB Data RAM

 Internal high precise RC clock IRC(IRC for short, ranges from 4MHz to 45MHz), adjustable while ISP and can be divided to lower frequency by user software, 100KHz for instance.

 Error:±0.3% (at the temperature 25℃) -1.35%~+1.30% temperature drift (at the temperature range of -40°C to +85°C) -0.76%~+0.98% temperature drift (at the temperature range of -20℃ to 65℃)

 Internal 32KHz low speed IRC with large error

 External crystal (4MHz~33MHz) and external clock


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STC Microcontroller STC8H8K64U-45I-SKDIP28
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