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T3168 Integrated Wireless Charger Receiver IC SMD SOP8

T3168 Integrated Wireless Charger Receiver IC SMD SOP8


T3168 series integrated circuit,using CMOS Process, it has the characteristics of higher accuracy and good stability,its designed .The door for wireless induction intelligent charging,the power supply Management system.The reliability is high,the use of Electromagnetic energy. Transformation principle and cooperate with Receiving part of energy conversion and electricity.Real-time monitoring Of the road, Responsible for the rapid charging of the battery. Intelligent Control,only with few external Components can be made highly reliable wireless quick charger,Wireless power supply. 


* Automatically adapt to the power supply voltage regulating function Make it able to work under the wide voltage all can

* Automatic frequency locking

* Automatic negative test load

*Automatic power control

*High speed transmission power transmission

*Efficient electromagnetic energy conversion

*Intelligent detection system,free debugging

*Working voltage:DC 3~15V *Working frequency:0~5MHZ

*Highly integrated,only a few common peripheral components *SOP-8


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T3168 Integrated Wireless Charger Receiver IC SMD SOP8
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