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TB67H450FNG Motor control driver H bridge 3.5A

TB67H450FNG Motor control driver H bridge 3.5A

PWM Chopper Type DC Brushed Motor Driver The TB67H450FNG is a PWM chopper type DC brushed motor driver. One channel of motor output block is embedded. Fabricated with the BiCD process, the TB67H450FNG is rated at output voltage 50 V, maximum current 3.5A.


・ Monolithic IC using BiCD process

・ Capable of PWM constant current drive and direct PWM drive

・ Supporting 4 operation modes, Forward / Reverse / Brake / STOP (OFF)

・ Built-in output MOSFET with Low on-resistance (High side + low side=0.6Ω(typ.))

・ Realization of high voltage and large current drive (Refer to “Absolute maximum ratings” and “Operating range”.)

・ Built-in various error detection functions (Thermal shutdown (TSD), over current detection (ISD), and Under voltage lockout(UVLO))

・ Built-in VCC regulator for the internal circuit operation.


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TB67H450FNG Motor control driver H bridge 3.5A
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