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ALCATEL Baby Monitor Baby Link 510 (ATL1415421)
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Brand: ALCATEL Model: ATL1415421
Alcatel Baby Link 510 baby monitor (ATL1415421) Description of the  Alcatel Baby Link 510Equipped with a high-resolution color screen (2.4-inch color LCD), the Baby Link 510 is the perfect way to look after your baby. For convenience, you can adjust the panorama, tilt and zoom of the ca..
CO2-HUMIDITY-TEMP.- DATA RECORDER & SD Card real time data recorder Lutron MCH-383SD
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Brand: Chinese Model: MCH-383SD
Description: SD Card real time data recorder CO2/HUMIDITY/TEMP. DATA RECORDER Model : MCH-383SD * Recorder with real time data recorder, save the measuring data along the time information (year,   month, date, minute, second) into the SD memory card and can be downlo..
DT-8809C  Non-Contact Forehead Body InfraRed Thermometer
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Model: DT-8809C
Specifications:  Range (In body mode)32.0C to 42.5 C / 89.6F to 108.5F  Range (In Surface mode)0C to 60C / 32F to 140F  Resolution0.1C / 0.1F  Basic accuracyASTM  E1965-1998(2003)  32 to 35.9C / 93.2 to 96.6F (±0.3C / ±0.5C)  36 to 39ºC/96.8 to 96.6 to 102.2..
Precision HygroMeter
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Brand: Chinese Model: AS847
Item specificsBrand Name:SmartSensor Model Number:AS847 Max Measuring Temperature:50°C - 69°C Style:Handheld Display Type:Digital Usage:Industrial Theory:Hygrometer Display Size:1.9 Inches & Under Power Type:9V battery (Not include) Temperature Measuring Range:10C~50C ..
Thermometer  12-channel temperature logger with SD card
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Brand: Chinese Model: BTM-4208SD
Lutron BTM-4208SD thermometer Features 1.12 -point temperature measurement and recording2. Support K / J / T / E / R / S type -100 ~ 1300 ° C temperature thermocouple input3. An external SD memory card..
Thermometer APPLENT  AT4808 8-Channel temperature logger
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Brand: Chinese Model: APPLENT AT4808
AT4808 Handheld multi-channel temperature tester      The new upgrade AT4808 is holding ARM microprocessor controlled multi-channel temperature tester, sampling multiple parallel test, while the 8-channel temperature acquisition, alarm, and communication transmission. Compati..
Thermometer digital TM902C TM-902C portable handheld thermometer temperature meter
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Brand: Chinese Model: TM-902C
Thermometer Technical features: Sensor Type: K-type thermocouple and controller (NiCr-Niai)  Resolution: 1 ℃Thermometer digital TM902C Meter Accuracy:  0 ° C to 500 ° C, ± (0.75% + 1 ° C)  500 ° C to 750 ° C, ± (1% + 1 ° C)  0 ° C to 20 ° C, ± 2 ° C  -20 ..
Thermometer High Precision 32 channel temperature logger
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Brand: Chinese Model: Ambergris AT4532
Specifications Accuracy: 0.2%  Range: -200 C~1300 C  Channels: 32 channels  Can be expanded to 128 channels  Thermocouple: J/K/T/E/S/N/B    1. Descriptions Programmable settingHigh/Low temperature beep32 channels tempe..
Thermometer intelligent Hygrometer
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Brand: Chinese Model: MCH-9880
Thermometer intelligent Hygrometer ..
Thermometer Precision four-channel contact
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Brand: Chinese Model: HT-9815
Temp. range : -200 : 1372 DegreeAccu. :  >100 Degree +-0.15                <100 Degree =-0.5  Dimm. :   200*85*38Supply : 9V batt...
Thermometer Precision Two-channel contact
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Brand: Chinese Model: HT-L13
 -Two Channel-Temp. range : -200 : 1372 Degree-Accu. :  >100 Degree +-0.15                <100 Degree =-0.5  -Dimm. :   200*85*38-Supply : 9V batt.But it from
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