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15 - 30 Days Oscilloscope DSO  DS1052E 50MHz 2-Channel

Digital Storage Oscilloscope: DS1052E


Oscilloscope models


Sampling rate




· DS1052E


1GSa / s

Dual + external trigger




· DS1052E Digital Oscilloscope Performance parameters:


50 MHz

Memory Depth

1M points (single) 500K sampling points (dual)


Dual + external trigger

Real-time sampling rate

1 GSa / s (single channel) 500MSa / s (dual channel)

Equivalent sampling rate

25 GSa / s

Rise time


Input impedance

1 MΩ || 15 pF, 50 Ω

Timebase range

2 ns / div to 50 s / div



50 MHz


± 3 °

Trigger Mode

Edge, Video, Pulse Width, Slope, Alternate

Trigger Source

CH1, CH2, Ext, Ext / 5, AC Line

Vertical Sensitivity

2 mV / div to 10 V / div

Vertical resolution


Input coupling

DC, AC, grounding

The maximum input voltage

300 V (DC + AC peak)

Scroll Range

500 ms / div to 50 s / div

Automatic Measurement

Peak to peak amplitude, maximum, minimum, top value, the bottom value, average, RMS, overshoot, pre-shoot, Frequency, Period, Rise Time, Fall Time, Positive Width, Negative Width , Positive Duty Cycle, Negative Duty Cycle, Delay 1 → 2  , Delay 1 → 2 measurements

Cursor measurements

Manual mode, Track mode and automatic measurement mode


+, -, ×, FFT


Built: 10 waveforms, 10 setups | USB: bitmap storage, CSV storage, wave set


USB Device, USB Host, RS-232, P / F Out (Isolated)


64K color TFT color LCD, 320 x 234

Power supply

Global Universal, 100 - 240 V / 50 W maximum


3.5 kg



· DS1052E Digital Oscilloscope Features and Benefits:

1. Provide up to 1 GSa / s real-time sampling rate, 25 GS / s equivalent sampling rate; ensure effective capture of transient signals in real time, and can observe the subtle details of a repetitive signal  
2. waveform refresh rate up to 2000 times per second  
3 ultra-thin design, small size, which reduces desktop footprint  
4. 64K-color TFT color LCD  
5. Memory depth: 10K sampling points (single), 5K sampling points (dual)  
6. Rich trigger function: Edge , video, pulse width, slope, alternation  
7. Adjustable trigger sensitivity: filtering possible trigger signal superimposed on the noise, to prevent false triggering  
8.20 kinds of automatic measurement functions  
9. Cursor measurements, including manual mode, tracking mode and automatic measurement modes  
10.10 waveforms, 10 setups storage, bitmap storage, CSV storage  
11. In addition, subtraction, multiplication, FFT, anti-equality multiple waveform calculation function  
12. Unique digital filter and waveform recording function  
14. Dual + external trigger, depending on the bandwidth is divided into 300 MHz, 200 MHz, 100 MHz, 60 MHz, and other models  
15. Standard configuration interface: USB Device, RS-232; USB Host, support U disk and USB The printer interface  
16. The standard pass / fail detection function: the use of "optical isolation" approach to effectively avoid electromagnetic interference  
17. The multilingual user interface, embedded help system



DS1052E Digital Oscilloscope superior performance:

Features and Benefits TOP1 real-time sampling rate 1 GSa / s, memory depth of up to 1 Mpts 
2. Rich trigger function: Edge, Video, Pulse Width, Slope, Alternate 
3. 5.6 inches 64k color TFT LCD, clear display waveform 
4. Compact design, saving desk space bench 
5. The integrated USB Host & Device, support U disk storage and PictBridge 
printers rich TOP adjustable trigger sensitivity trigger function to prevent false triggering of noise superimposed on the signal caused by alternating trigger is an analog trigger oscilloscope function in the digital oscilloscope to reproduce, you can not simultaneously use both based observations rising slope trigger signal based on the signal / fall time to judge the trigger rising & falling edge is mainly used to observe the eye and other special signal, usually in the high-end oscilloscope before seen in human design TOP waveform waveform intensity brightness can be adjusted to more effectively observe the waveform file manager can easily operate the USB memory drives and locally stored files embedded help achieve quick help and function indication



·         Electronic circuit design and debugging

.        Circuit Function Test

·         Signal logic verification

·         Mixed-signal circuit measures

·        Education and Training






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