Oscilloscope DSO Instek GDS-840C 250MHz bandwidth Best price in Egypt

Pre-Order Oscilloscope DSO  Instek GDS-840C  250MHz bandwidth

GDS840C digital storageOscilloscope 250MHz bandwidth, color LCD screen  

· 250MHz bandwidth, color LCD screen 
· 125k memory depth of 12 large display screen grid level 
· 25GS / s repetitive waveform sampling rate 
· 15 entries automatic measurement of waveform parameters, △ V / △ simultaneous display mode 
trigger higher-order functions : Pulse Width Trigger, TV scan lines triggering event(Event) / Time (Time) · late trigger delay, fast Fourier transform (FFT)function, window zoom function 
· waveform Go / NoGo judgment, set up the serial automatic measurement (Auto Setup Sequence) 
· Built immediate aid instructions and support multinational language operation (Chinese Traditional simplified Chinese, English, Korean, Russian ... and a total of eleven languages ​​)


Display System


Color (320 x 240), 5.7 LCD

Display Contrast


Waveform display range

8 x 10 (12) Georgia

Waveform display mode

Point vector accumulation

Vertical Systems


250MHz (-3dB)



Vertical resolution


Vertical Sensitivity

2M V / div ~ 5V / div

Vertical accuracy error

± 3%

Rise Time


Vertical end input coupling

1 M Omega ± 2%, ~ 18pF

Vertical-ended input impedance

AC, DC, Ground


Standard Reverse

The maximum input voltage signal and ground

300V (DC + AC peak), CATII

Waveform processing

CH1 + CH2, CH1-CH2, FFT

Offset range

2mV / div ~ 50mV / div ± 0.5V 100mV / div ~ 500mV / div ± 5V 1V / div ~ 5V / div ± 50V

Bandwidth limitations

20MHz (-3dB)

Horizontal System

Horizontal scan range

1ns / div ~ 10s / div (1-2-5 sequence); Roll: 250ms / div ~ 10s / div

Measurement display mode

Main , Window, Window Zoom, Roll, XY

The level of accuracy error

± 0.01%

The level of delay range

Pre-trigger maximum 20div; Rear Trigger: 1000div

Signal Acquisition System

Instant sampling rate

The fastest sampling rate per channel100MS / s

Equivalent sampling rate

Each pass quickest equivalent sampling rate25GS / s

Record depth

125k / CH

Peak Detection

10ns (500ns / div ~ 10s / div)

Acquisition mode

Sampling, peak detection, average

The average number of

Choose times

Trigger System

Trigger Type

CH1, CH2, Line, Ext

Trigger Mode

Auto Level, Auto, Normal, Single, TV-Line, Time Delay, Event Delay, Edge, Pulse Width

Trigger Coupling

AC, DC, HF, LF, Noise Reject

Trigger sensitivity

DC ~ 30MHz Approx 0.5div or 5mV 30MHz ~ 150MHz. Approx 1.5div 15 0 MHz ~ 250MHz or 15mV. . Approx 2.0div or 20mV

XY mode


-axis / Y -axis

Input Channel 1 / Channel 2

Phase shift

100kHz when ± °

Cursor and measurement system

Automatic voltage measurement

Vpp, Vamp, Vavg, Vrms, Vhi, Vlo, Vmax, Vmin

Automatic measuring the amount of time

Freq, Period, Rise Time, Fall Time, Positive Width, Negative Width, Duty Cycle, Edge, Pulse Width

Cursor measurements

The voltage difference between the two cursors delta V) the time difference between the two cursors 


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