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EPM6600 (-T) Multi-function electrical parameter measurement instrument using a large-screen color digital display, touch buttons, with large black lenses, not only the instrument display more intuitive and more comprehensive, easier and more convenient to operate, and appear to be more upscale. Its collection of sound power, power factor, voltage, current, and power consumption in other measuring functions and integration (specific functions depending on the model).

Main features: 
all-digital operation and control of 
 large-screen color digital display, display information richer 
 touch keys with key tone, more convenient 
direct green LED display units, display more intuitive 
annual electricity consumption can be set to the number of hours per day, and blue color digital display to set the number of hours 
of power measurement resolution automatically switches to show two decimal places is less than 100W, 100W display more than one decimal 
intelligent switching power display unit, the display unit is less than 0.1KWh Wh, two decimal places greater than 0.1KWh display units KWh, decimal places with the measurement results and change up to four decimal places 
optional power factor measurement rates or carbon emissions, both second election 
or real annual carbon emissions carbon emissions can be Option 
carbon emission factor can be set 
Celsius and Fahrenheit temperature measurement units selectable (EPM6600-T) 
Accumulated time electricity blue digital display 
is cleared by pressing the key, along with the cumulative power of time and energy clearing 
over-range display "HHHH" 
Temperature measurement intelligent electric shock isolation design (EPM6600-T) 
body thickness is thin, the overall thickness of only 36.5mm (without stand) 

Instrumented Functions


Instrument Type



Power Measurement

Voltage measurement

Current Measurement

Power factor measurement

Carbon emissions measurements

In measuring electricity consumption

Energy Measurement

Frequency Measurement


Temperature Measurement


In a few hours a day of electricity consumption display

Cumulative with time display



Note: With indicates the instrument has the function of time after the power and the cumulative power brownout cleared 
technical indicators 
measure the electrical



Measuring range




0 ~ 2000W

0.01 W [1]

± (0.5FS + 0.01) [1]


0 ~ 275.0V


± (0.5FS + 0.1)

Electric current

0 ~ 9.999A


± (0.5FS + 0.001)

Power Factor

0 to 1.000


± (0.5FS + 0.001)

Carbon emissions

0 ~ 9999Kg


± (0.5FS + 0.1)

Annual electricity consumption

0 ~ 9999KWh


± (0.5FS + 0.1)


0 ~ 99999KWh

0.01Wh [2]

± (0.5FS + 0.01) [2]

Frequency [3]

45 ~ 65Hz


± (0.5FS + 0.1)


-10 ~ 110 ° C

0.1 ° C

± (0.5FS + 0.1)



Notes: [1] power less than 100W at a resolution of 0.01 W , measurement accuracy of ± (0.5FS + 0.01) , power is more than equal to 100W when the resolution is 0.1W , measurement accuracy of ± (0.5FS + 0.1) 
         [2 ]. power less than 0.1KWh time resolution 0.01Wh , measurement accuracy of ± (0.5FS + 0.01) , power greater than or equal0.1KWh when adjusted for the resolution of the measurement results with an accuracy of ± (0.5FS + 1 -bit minimum display position 
         [3]. This indicator is only EPM6600 valid 
         [4] The indicator only EPM6600-T effective 
other indicators


Operating Voltage

AC85 ~ 265V

Operating Frequency

45 ~ 65Hz


0 ~ 40 ° C


≤ 90% RH


186mmx133mmx36.5mm [1]

Hole Size



390 g [2]






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