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EPM1100 multifunction power meter for use

The main technical indicators: 

Supply voltage

AC85V ~ 265V



Operating Frequency

45 ~ 65Hz

Power measurement range

0 ~ 2000W

Power Resolution

0.01 W [1]

Power measurement accuracy

0.5% FS

Voltage input range

AC85V ~ 265V

Voltage Resolution


Voltage measurement accuracy

0.5% FS

Current Input Range

AC0 ~ 10A

Current Resolution

0. 001A

Current measurement accuracy

0.5% FS

Power factor measurement range

0 to 1.000

Power factor Resolution


Power factor measurement accuracy

0.5% FS

Annual electricity consumption measurement range

0 ~ 3200 KWh

Annual electricity consumption Resolution

0.1 kWh [2]

Annual electricity consumption measurement accuracy

0.5% FS

Annual electricity measuring range

0 ~ 3200

Annual electricity Resolution

0.1 [3]

Annual electricity measurement accuracy

0.5% FS

Sampling rate

2 times / sec.

Display mode

5.6 inch digital display

Overrun display



Screw mounting


106.0mmx53.0mmx31.0mm [4]



Operating ambient temperature

0 ~ 50 ℃


≤85% RH

Note: [1] a power less than 100W measurement resolution of 0.01 W , equal power is greater than 100W when the measurement resolution of 0.1W , equal power is greater than 1000W when the measurement resolution of 1W

    [2] The annual electricity consumption of less than 1000KWh time resolution of 0.1 kWh , annual consumption greater than or equal 1000KWh when the resolution is 1KWh

    [3] The annual electricity bill is less than 1000 when a resolution of 0.1 , equal to the annual electricity greater than1000 when a resolution of 1

    [4] The size of the panel containing the size, excluding panel depth for 28.0mm


Panel layout and wiring instructions:

Wiring instructions:

2 , 4 feet to AC85V ~ 265V AC power supply voltage range, 1 , 3 feet to the load. Since there is no fuse on the board, using the process requires input termination 10A fuse. Be sure to follow the wiring connection as shown above, it may cause damage to the tester.

Note: EPM1100 for bare board design , with high pressure after the power board , prohibiting physical contact with any part of the circuit board.


Key Description and feature set

·         Switching measuring project

Press Press "toggle button" Different measurement items in working condition.


Function Setting Process

·         Select active or apparent power

·         Refer to the flowchart feature set into active or apparent power selection mode, when the power unit indicator flashes;

·         Press the "button" or "down button" to select the measurement of active power or apparent power;

·         Refer to the flowchart feature set, exit the function setting mode.

·         Set the number of hours per day the annual electricity consumption

·         Refer to the flowchart feature set, enter the number of hours in a day consumption setting mode, this time in the unit consumption indicator flashes;

·         Press the "button" or "down button" to adjust the number of hours a day in electricity consumption;

·         Refer to the flowchart feature set, exit the function setting mode.

·         Setting electricity rates

·         Refer to the flowchart feature set into electricity tariff setting mode, where the annual electricity unit indicator flashes;

·         Press the "button" or "down button" to adjust electricity rates, according to "toggle button" to adjust the position of the decimal point when adjusting tariff rates;

·         Refer to the flowchart feature set, exit the function setting mode.

·         Restore factory settings

While holding down the "Settings button" and "down button" to the instrument over two seconds to restore the factory settings.

* setup Press "Add button" or "down button" enables quick adjustment


1.      Meter does not work in hot and humid environment, please use the normal range of temperature and humidity;

2.      Instrument for measuring AC parameters, and can not be used to measure the DC parameters;

3.      Instrument operating voltage and measuring the voltage can not exceed AC265V ;

4.      When used in the series with the input 10A fuse, operating current is greater than 10A or when the load short-circuit may cause the fuse burned, replaced with a new fuse must use 10A fuse;

5.      Do not let the instrument exposed to dust, corrosive gases and other harmful substances in the environment during storage and use;

6.    The course was not to touch any part of the instrument panel in addition, use of the process instruments are with high-voltage, in order to avoid electric shock.




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