Solar Controller 12V / 24V 20A Best price in Egypt

Solar Controller 12V / 24V 20A

[Voltage] 12V / 24V automatic recognition

[] Charge 20A load current 20A

[] Charging circuit voltage drop <0.26V discharge <0.15V

[Control] Charge for the PWM pulse width modulation

[Weight] 85g

[Size] 134 * 70 * 30mm (L * W * H)


This product is suitable for low-power solar panels, can not be directly connected to the load!


using a dedicated chip and special software, based on expert control system to achieve intelligent optimization SOC control.

2) temperature compensation using a modified sensor with microprocessor control more accurate, more in line with the battery temperature curve.

3) has the overcharge, over discharge, automatic control electronic short circuit, overload, the unique anti-reverse protection; protection not damage any part of the above, do not burn insurance.

4) using a tandem PWM charging main circuit, the charging circuit voltage loss than the charging circuit using a diode to reduce by nearly half the charging efficiency than non-three percent a 6% PWM high, increasing the power of time; overdischarge enhance recovery charge normal direct charge, float automatic control mode of the system have a longer service life; to prevent reverse discharge the battery by solar panels is used mos power tube, effectively reducing the charge loss.

5) The new controller uses a more intuitive double-digit LED display settings, timer settings correspond to display more intuitive digital display, while the one-button operation to complete all settings.

6) quality assurance, using SMT chip production technology, high-quality PCB, industrial-grade chips; stable operation in cold, hot, humid environment.

7) The new controller utilizes advanced power technology has greatly enhanced the effective power per unit area, more compact structure.

8) Battery Anti-overcharge protection using an open approach, the effective protection of solar panels (some products using the short-circuit power panels bleed way, so easy to damage the solar panels).

9) The new controller based on user feedback, to improve the use of large diameter, large interval of terminals can be installed maximum Ф6mm lead wire spacing 9.5mm, enhanced insulation and installation of reliability and durability.

10) the user to set various parameters of automatic memory, the unexpected power outage or battery power is used up after the data is not lost.

11) using a dedicated chip with the programming is complete load overload, short circuit and reverse connection of electronic automatic protection function, automatic recovery after troubleshooting, without damaging any parts, do not burn insurance. Another complex internal fuse constitute double insurance system to reduce fires and other accidents. Fuses only as a final protection controller when the internal circuit damage. (Market some products entirely by the fuse, the slightest mistake or burn burning power tubes insurance.


Solar power systems, solar street lighting, smart home, solar garden lights, solar chargers, solar ventilation system, solar lamp, solar billboard, solar traffic warning lights, solar power system ...




) to be securely fixed controller, mounting holes as shown:

Dimensions: 133X70 (mm) mounting hole size: 126X50 (mm)

) wire preparation: It is recommended to use multi-strand insulated copper wire. First determine the length of the wire, to ensure the installation location of the case, to minimize the wire length in order to reduce power losses. According to no more than 4A / m㎡ select a current density of copper wire cross-sectional area of the side of the head controller wiring insulation stripped 5mm.

) connect the battery terminals on the controller, and then another one end connected to the battery, pay attention to + and - poles, do not reverse if the connection is correct, BAT indicator (2) should be bright, according to the button to check. Otherwise, you need to check whether the connection.

) Connect the photocell wires, first connect the controller glazing battery terminals, then the other end connected to the photocell, pay attention to + and - poles, do not reverse, if there is sun, sun battery indicator light should be bright. Otherwise, you need to check whether the connection.

) load is connected, the load on the output wire access controller will load, pay attention to + and - poles, do not reverse, it would burn appliances.

) Note: Press upright suspension system device should be installed, not installed in the rain and snow poured into the place, traces of light battery and load system in accordance with the go below "U" character arc and fixed, to avoid rainwater inflow the controller, each of the terminals have to tighten the screws to avoid thread loose or poor contact.


You must connect the battery installation sequence, followed by solar panels, when installing multiple errors occur simultaneously, may burn the controller. Note You can not replace other power solar panel battery board test systems, or it may burn the controller. Although this machine with a variety of protection, but it is not a panacea, even the best protection is not in accordance with the proper use of important safety norms

Indicator Status Meaning []

Solar panels indication: red battery indicator light (sun), when lit indicates normal operation, the battery has sufficient power light output, flashing indicates insufficient power output, off indicates no power output. From this indicator you can directly determine the photovoltaic cell matching and failure.

Battery status and charging indicator: red and green battery indicator (bat), green flashes is charging, green indicates fully charged Steady, Steady red indicates moderate consumption, intermittent flashes of red light indicates the battery or not serious power shortage or damage.Load indication: green load indicator (load), expressed output steady, the load can work; Off means no output, the load does not work, flashing to indicate an overload or short circuit, reduce the load power or check the road, disconnect the faulty After loading, 30 seconds after the controller automatically resume normal operation.

[Operation mode and timer setting]

Setting: Press the [KEY] button is pressed for 3 seconds or more to let go, MODE window displays numbers, entered the state. A short time and then press a button to adjust the display of digital values ​​corresponding to the next table adjusted to the appropriate value. After adjustment, and then press the [KEY] button again for 3 seconds to let go, MODE digital display goes out the window to complete the set of memory saved.

Query: When digital tube off, briefly press the [KEY] can query the settings according to health after a few seconds the display automatically turns off to save power




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