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Soldering & Accessories

Brand: Chinese Model: Soldering iron
Features :1.Wood carving, wood embossing, wood burning stove and soldering tips2. Great for woodworking, soldering, metal work, hobby, craft, home, etcSpecification : Material: copper + ironPower supply: 220V-240V, 30WTemperature regulation range: 0-450 ℃Suitable For: External Heating Type Iro..
Brand: Chinese Model: DESOL-SM1
Solder Sucker- desoldering pump For all your DIY / Maker de-soldering needs Best for removing solder from PCB through-hole solder joints Ideal for use in labs, service shops, schools (STEM - steam), home and industry Before there was the Maker movement, there was elenco and "learn by doi..
Brand: Chinese Model: SOLDER-W1
Solder Wire 1mm/ 1meter - 17g for small soldering works and DIY tasks..
Brand: Chinese Model: FLUX 174071
Solder flux, can -DIN EN 29454-1 3.1.1.C -For soft-soldering of tinplate and terneplate, for tin-plating copper and brassMessing Note: Not suitable for use in electrical engineering (contains zinc chloride, irritant). More information: Design: 50 g can ..
Brand: Chinese Model: DS-20
Model DS-20 Voltage 110V, 220V, AC50/60Hz , 20W Length 205mm Weight 45g      ..
Brand: Chinese Model: DS-30
Model DS-30 Voltage 110V, 220V, AC50/60Hz , 30W Length 205mm Weight 45g      ..
Brand: Chinese Model: DS-40
Model DS-40 Voltage 110V, 220V, AC50/60Hz , 40W Length 205mm Weight 45g      ..
Brand: Chinese Model: KS-60R CH
Model KS-30R KS-40R Voltage 110V, 220V, AC50/60Hz 110V, 220V, AC50/60Hz Length 205mm 205mm Weight 45g 45g ..
Brand: Chinese Model: STAND-021
Heavy duty metallic construction With Sponge Easy installation Dimension:(LxHxW):4x4.5x2.8inch..
Brand: Chinese Model: BS-10
Provides improved soldering performance. Good for cables and large terminals. Removes oil or oxides, and improves wettability. NOTE: BS-10/15 is a weakly acidic paste. Cannot be used on PCBs...
Brand: Chinese Model: IRON-SOLDER-USB
Features: 2015 Hot Sale Mini Portable USB 5V 8W Electric Powered Soldering Iron Pen/Tip Touch Switch Worldwide Hot Drop 100% Brand new and high quality! This compact, fully functioning USB powered soldering iron is perfect for hobbyists! Rapid heat up and cooling means you can work efficiently a..
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