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TP4333 Fully-Integrated Power Bank System-On-Chip Charger IC

TP4333 Fully-Integrated Power Bank System-On-Chip Charger IC

TP4333 Fully-Integrated Power Bank System-On-Chip Charger IC – Package-SOP8

TP4333 is a synchronous step-up single chip solution designed for mobile power supply. It integrates a linear charge management module, a synchronous discharge management module, a power detection and LED indication module, and a protection module. The TP4333 has a built-in charge and discharge power MOS. The charge current is fixed at 0.8A. Synchronous boost supports 1A output current. The TP4333 integrates multiple safety protection functions such as temperature compensation, over-temperature protection, over-charge and over-discharge protection, output over-voltage protection, output overload protection, and output short-circuit protection to ensure the safety of the chip and lithium-ion battery. The application circuit is simple. Only a few components are needed to achieve charge management and discharge management.


  • Adaptive charging current control, excellent adapter compatibility
  • Support 4.20/4.30/4.35/4.40V batteries

State of Charge (SOC) indicator:

  • Integrated LED controller supports 4/3/2/1
  • LEDs as the SOC indicator

Fully featured:

  • Key ON/OFF
  • Integrated flashlight controller
  • Integrated cellphone plug-in and plug-out detector

Low power:

  • Smart load detector, switching to standby mode automatically
  • <100 µA standby current

Ultra simplified BOM

  • Integrated power FET, charging/boosting with a single inductor


  • 1A Synchronous switching charger and 5V
  • Boost converter efficiency up to 92%
  • Switching charger efficiency up to 91%
  • Integrated power-path management,
  • charging batteries and charging cellphones at the same time


  • Power bank, Portable Charger
  • Mobile Phones, Smart Phones, Handheld
  • Devices, Portable Media Player, Tablet, etc.

Datasheet: TP4333

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TP4333 Fully-Integrated Power Bank System-On-Chip Charger IC
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