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UART TTL Digital Heart Rate Pulse Sensor

UART TTL Digital Heart Rate Pulse Sensor

DHRM type digital heart rate based on the light detection module is electrically method (reflection method) heart rate measurement technology developed from new generation of intelligent heartbeat detection module.

It can convert the subject's heart rate signal into real-time digital pulse signal output, that is, pulse output and heart rate value (or waveform digital value). Pass string

The communication department can check the hardware version number, software version number, query or modify the baud rate, query or modify the output mode, query or start and stop delivery

Rate data, you can also upload heart rate measurement results or waveform digital values.

       This module is mainly for the emerging wearable devices and healthcare market. Can be used in products such as health bracelets, heart rate belts and mobile medical

, Can detect or monitor the user's real-time heart rate to guide users in scientific and healthy exercise and life.

It can be applied to most parts of the human body such as fingers, palms, wrists, arms, face, head, and soles.




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UART TTL Digital Heart Rate Pulse Sensor
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