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Read Write RF IC Card RFID RC522  Module For 13.56MHZ Tags and Mifare Cards
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Brand: UGE Electronics Model: RFID-RC522-V1
OverviewTThis is based on RF module RC522 near field communication module. Its working frequency is 13.56MHz and you can read and write a 13.56MHz tag with this module. Features: - Very easy to use with the library for Arduino - Operating voltage: 3.3V. - Interface logic level: compatible w..
110.00EGP 135.00EGP
Brand: UGE Electronics Model: MOD-041
MCP2551 CAN Protocol Controller High-speed Interface ModuleFeature:Support 1MB / S's run rate.Meet the ISO-11898 standard physical layer requirements.Suitable for 12V and 24V systems. Slope external control, reduce RFI.Automatically detects TXD input ground fault.Power-on reset and voltage brown-out..
Brand: UGE Electronics Model: ard-nano-3-New
The new SMD Arduino nano with stamp holes, half-hole immersion gold technology, high-end atmosphere and high-grade, very exquisite! Notice! This version does not have the two pins A6 and A7, and the rest are exactly the same as the usual nano. Technical parameters: 1. 12 digital input..
ESP32 Development Board For IOT Attendance Projects
Brand: UGE Electronics Model: ESP32-RFID-KIT
 ESP32 Development Board for IoT based RFID Attendance System Board Features:Header for ESP32 ModuleHeader for 0.96” OLED Display Connected to I2C pins of ESP32 (D22,D21)Header for RC522 Module. Connected to SPI pins of ESP32 (D2,D18,D23,D19,D5)Relay Circuit to control ..
350.00EGP 380.00EGP
Brand: UGE Electronics Model: IR-38KHZ-TXRX-Mod
The module contains 4 infrared transmitters and an integrated infrared receiver. The four infrared transmitters are responsible for converting the electrical signals into optical signals for transmission. The integrated infrared receiver is responsible for converting the optical signals into electri..
65.00EGP 80.00EGP
Brand: UGE Electronics Model: MOD-1101
Isolated AC mains Voltage Detection Features:Isolated voltage detection is vital in many industrial applications. Isolation is a means of preventing direct or alternating currents between two parts of a device, while allowing signal and power transfer between those two parts. Isolation also manages ..
Brand: UGE Electronics Model: WIFI-16RELAY
INTRODUCTION:In order to meet the customer's demand for the control of the switching device, we releases a ESP32  Compatible 16-channel relay module which allows a small level signal to control any normal outlet or high voltage This is a 12V 16-Channel Relay interface board, be a..
450.00EGP 480.00EGP
Brand: UGE Electronics Model: mod-485-3.3V
OverviewOn-board RS485 chip is a low-power and slew-rate-limited transceiver used for RS-485 communication. It works at a single +3.3V power supply and the rated current is 300 μA. Adopting half-duplex communication to implement the function of converting TTL level into RS-485 ..
45.00EGP 50.00EGP
Brand: UGE Electronics Model: ESP-programmer
The USB ESP12 and ESP01 programmer can flash ESP12 modules in circuit without having to desolder them first. It features spring pogo pins to be directly pressed onto the ESP.You can connect a USB cable (not included) to it and use Arduino IDE, PlatformIO or others to upload code. It features a RESET..
160.00EGP 180.00EGP
Brand: UGE Electronics Model: TCRT5000-3CH
3-way tracking sensors for maze solving and line tracking robot projectsThe use of infrared light detection, anti-interference abilityThe sensor uses TRT5000, high sensitivity, stable performanceOperating voltage 5V, black line output low, output high white lineExquisite, with indicatorWith fixed bo..
Brand: UGE Electronics Model: I2C-MOD-V2
I2C LCD Serial Interface PCF8574 Module Version 2Description: This is another great IIC/I2C/TWI/SPI Serial Interface. As the pin resources of Arduino controller is limited, your project may be not able to use normal LCD shield after connected with a certain quantity of sensors or SD card. However, ..
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