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UGE Electronics
Brand: UGE Electronics Model: CH552G-BOARD
PRODUCT DETAILSFeaturesComplete development board in a pocket-size with SOP16 packageRich I/O interfaces for project expandability4 channel capacitive touch buttons for touch applicationsSupport USB 2.0 full speed 12mbps or low speed 1.5mbps with direct downloadCompatible with breadboard via the hea..
Brand: UGE Electronics Model: ard-trainer-kit1
Arduino Uno Compatible Training and Development Board save money and time to get started in Arduino programming world by using our new board designed for hobbyist and professionals too .This Arduino Uno board  include Arduino Uno microcontroller MEGA328 and CH340G as USB to uart chip ..
Brand: UGE Electronics Model: Uno-UGE
This Arduino Uno Egypt. In addition to all the features of the original board,This Arduino Uno Board now uses the CH340 IC instead of the ATMEGA16U2 found on the Arduino Uno (or the FTDI found on previous generations). by using this CH340 IC we successfully re..
Brand: UGE Electronics Model: ard-ISP-sh-03
Arduino Uno R3 Offline ISP burner for Bootloader Restoringoffline burner suitable for arduino Uno ATMEGA328 Chip BootLoader burning offline boot download recovery and also for USB interface chip ATMEGA16U4 ..
Brand: UGE Electronics Model: ard-3digit-module-v2
with this new 3 Digit 2.3 inch 7 segments Serial like protocol Display module using TM1650 as a custom 7segment controller  Data save the required IO pins needed to drive all this number of pins and will display large size 7 segment 3 digit numbers. 2.3 Inch height, which can be visible over la..
335.00EGP 355.00EGP
Brand: UGE Electronics Model: z-adj
Adjust your double z-axis screws by placing the plate under the frame to make sure that the z-plates are at equal distance from the printer's base.Demonstration  ..
10.00EGP 12.00EGP
Brand: UGE Electronics Model: IO-PCF8574T-M2
Save MCU pins when interface LCD and Keypad with this intelligent Module so just take 2 pins (I2C Signal SDA,SCL) and easily connect any LCD and any Keypad to it Features:Working voltage: 2.5-6VInterface: IICDual 8-bit parallel port ( for LCD and Keypad)Address configurable for each one using s..
PCF8574T I2C Controller SMD 16pin
Brand: UGE Electronics Model: PCF8574T-SMD
The PCF8574 IO Expansion Board is used as remote 8-bit I/O expander for I2C-bus. Up to 8 PCF8574, IO Expansion Board can be connected to the I2C-bus, providing up to 64 I/O ports. Features:Working voltage: 2.5-6VInterface: IIC8-bit parallel port..
Brand: UGE Electronics Model: IO-PCF8574T
The PCF8574 IO Expansion Board is used as remote 8-bit I/O expander for I2C-bus. Up to 8 PCF8574, IO Expansion Board can be connected to the I2C-bus, providing up to 64 I/O ports. The PCF8574 IO Expansion Board features I2C pin header on one side and I2C connector on the opposite side. Hence, it's m..
Brand: UGE Electronics Model: M1-Pen
HIGHLIGHTMicro-USB powered by power bank or adapter.Support PLA & PCL low temperature & eco- friendly filament.Ultra-quiet operation.Non- blocked &replaceable nozzle.  SPECSModel NO.: Prince M1 N.W: 45g Dimension: 159(L)×24(W) ×27(H) mm Color: White,..
Brand: UGE Electronics Model: SL-300A
HIGHLIGHTUSB-DC powered by power bank or adapter.Support PLA, ABS& PCL low temperature & eco- friendly filament.1-8 digital extruded grades on speed control.Temperature adjustable.LED screen showing working mode.Non- blocked &replaceable nozzle. SPECSN.W: 55 gDimension: 175(L)×24(W..
Brand: UGE Electronics Model: S1-Dryer-Box
HighLightDrying while printing to improve your 3D model.Compatible with multiple Filament  types.Temperature adjustable.Timer function.Heats up quickly and evenlySPECSProduct size: 271(L)*100(W)*237(H)mm. Max coil size: φ210*85(H)mm. Net weight of product: 980g. ..
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