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USB RFID Reader 125khz JT308 series Windows

USB RFID Reader 125khz  JT308 series Windows

JT308 series RFID readers are easy to operate and fast to read. As a standard HID device, you don't need to install a driver. You can read the card number in any edit box (such as Notepad, WORD, and other text editing software). This function is suitable for extending the functionality of existing software without any need to do any of the original software. modify;

■  Product Specifications 
●  Communication method: Standard HID communication; 
●  Interface: Full-speed USB  device interface, compatible with USB V2.0
●  Power supply mode: USB  universal serial bus interface power supply; 
●  Operating frequency: 125 KHz 
●  Sensing maximum distance: 8CM 
●  Support card type:  EM  series, 4001  series and compatible RF ID card; 
●  Power consumption: less than  0.5 W 
●  Appearance size: 110×80×30MM 
●  Use environment: Temperature  0--50 °C , Humidity: 50-95RH , Pressure: 88-106Kpa .
■  Application scope
●  Occasions involving member management and identification, such as clubs, campuses, government, corporations, social insurance, charge management, and Internet cafes.
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USB RFID Reader 125khz JT308 series Windows
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