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Voltage Regulator XC6206P332MR 200mA 3.3V LDO SOT23

Voltage Regulator XC6206P332MR 200mA 3.3V LDO SOT23

GENERAL DESCRIPTION The XC6206 series are highly precise, low power consumption, 3 terminal, positive voltage regulators manufactured using CMOS and laser trimming technologies. The series provides large currents with a significantly small dropout voltage. The XC6206 consists of a current limiter circuit, a driver transistor, a precision reference voltage and an error correction circuit. The series is compatible with low ESR ceramic capacitors. The current limiter's foldback circuit operates as a short circuit protection as well as the output current limiter for the output pin. Output voltages are internally by laser trimming technologies. 


  • Output Voltage: 3.3V
  • Output Current: 200mA
  • Thermal Overload Protection
  • Short Circuit Protection
  • Low power consumption Low voltage drop Low temperature coefficient High input voltage (up to 6V)
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Voltage Regulator XC6206P332MR 200mA 3.3V LDO SOT23
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  • Brand: Chinese
  • Model: XC6206P332MR
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  • Location: O6-1
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