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YFS201 Water Flow Rate Sensor 1-30 L-min YF-S201

YFS201 Water Flow Rate Sensor 1-30 L-min YF-S201

YFS201 Water Flow Rate Sensor 1-30 L/min  YF-S201 

Pulse output water flow sensor

Rated Voltage: DC 5-18 V

Through this sensor, the volume of water flowing through the water pipe can be calculated.

Or the flow L per minute.

Output 450 pulses and 1 liter of water

Size: 62.5X36X35 (unit mm)

Weight: 55 (in grams)

mainly used for water flow detection

Product wiring: Red + , black - , yellow for pulse signal output

Approximate size: 61 X 36 mm thick: 34 mm

Basic parameters

Flow characteristic F = (7.5*Q) error ≤2% 212L/min water flow is applied to the inlet end of the water flow sensor, and its output frequency characteristic should meet the standard requirements, where F is the frequency unit HZ, Q is the flow unit L / min.

high amplitude ≥4.6V water flow rate sensor connected to 5V power supply, and through 8L / min flow, measured directly with an oscilloscope, may be artificially water flow sensor at a high level, the test voltage profile with a multimeter.
low Flat amplitude ≤0.5V
insulation resistance ≥100MΩ Insulation resistance is measured with DC 500V/ between the housing and any one of the leads.
Output duty ratio 50%±10% Water flow sensor is connected to 5V power supply, and through 8L/min water flow, use the oscilloscope directly Measurement.
Moisture resistance Place the sample in an environment with a temperature of 40±2
and a relative humidity of 90% to 95%RH for 48h, and then place it at room temperature for 2h to confirm, re-examine the individual parameters and the parts without cracks, relaxation, deformation and other abnormalities Condition:
Water pressure resistance test ≤1.75Mpa Block the water flow sensor at one end, and apply 1.755.75Mpa water pressure at the other end, the water flow sensor should be free of any leakage.


 The power supply is connected to the 5V output and can be directly connected to the single-chip IO. The pulse flow is used to calculate the water flow. The calculation formula is: F=(7.5*Q) error ≤2%: F is the frequency unit HZ, and Q is the flow unit L/min.


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YFS201 Water Flow Rate Sensor 1-30 L-min YF-S201
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