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5V 2A DC UPS Uninterruptible Power Supply Module

5V 2A DC UPS Uninterruptible Power Supply Module

5V 2A DC UPS Uninterruptible Power Supply Module

DC UPS 5V 2A high-power uninterruptible power supply module, version V5.0, the output is connected to the load or charger in parallel version, the output terminal is in bidirectional mode, the battery is charged when the power is on, and the output is reversed when the power is turned off. The battery is automatically charged and discharged. With 4 level power indicator, output overload protection, short circuit protection, chip overheat protection, battery over discharge protection, suitable for all kinds of 5V routers, switches, camera attendance machine power supply, and another EPS version is used for lighting power supply or device charging!    (The color samples of the power display LED lamp are shipped randomly, and red or green can be specified during proofing customization, blue is not supported)

Warning: When connecting a non-power battery, the capacity should not be lower than 3000mA, and the lower limit of the capacity can be reduced when it is not fully loaded, otherwise it will easily cause fire problems when the battery is overloaded!

The connection line between the battery and the motherboard should not be less than 20AWG or 0.5 square. The length of a single wire is recommended to be controlled within 10cm. The power output lead should not be too long. It is recommended to be within 20CM!

the battery lead must be thick enough, otherwise it can not output enough current, the battery is trickle charging when the battery is lower than 3V, the current is very weak, the input power of the external power supply is insufficient or the internal resistance of the battery is too high There may be abnormal charging problems! In addition, impure input power or large line loss will also affect the switching system, etc. Please check and solve the fault yourself. As long as it is used according to the regulations, there is no problem with the power, there is no virtual standard,

Regarding the switching problem: if the purity of the external power supply is not enough or the load has interference, it will affect the switching speed. It can be solved by connecting a solid capacitor or a tantalum capacitor in parallel at the output end. It is not recommended that parallel electrolytic capacitors will affect performance! Capacitor voltage can be 10-16V, capacity 47-470uf, if you must use electrolytic capacitors, it is recommended that the capacity not exceed 100UF, otherwise it will affect performance!

Regarding the problem of heat generation: UPS products cannot be used at full load, because the battery voltage will drop, so the power should not exceed 60% when configuring the parameters, otherwise the motherboard will be hot and the battery power will be consumed quickly! , The motherboard heats about 30-40 degrees at light load, about 40-50 degrees at half load, about 60-70 degrees at full load, and about 80-90 degrees at full load if the battery is low!

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5V 2A DC UPS Uninterruptible Power Supply Module
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