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Amplifiers IC's

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Model: LM1876T
Overture Audio Power Amplifier Series Dual 20-Watt Audio Power Amplifier With Mute And Standby Modes, Datasheet..
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Model: LM380N
LM380 2W Audio Power Amplifier Datasheet..
Model: LM386
The LM386 is an integrated circuit consisting of a low voltage audio power amplifier.It is suitable for battery-powered devices such as radios, guitar amplifiers, and hobbyist projects. The IC consists of an 8 pin dual in-line package (DIP-8) and can output 0.5 watts power u..
Brand: Chinese Model: Mini-Circuits ZJL-6G+
RF Amplifier 20-6000 MHz 12dB Gain 10dBm Mini-Circuits ZJL-6G+RF Amplifier By Mini-Circuits Model ZJL-6G+Frequency operating range:  20-6000 MHz Gain: 12dB P1dB: 10dBmClick here for spec..
Brand: Chinese Model: Mini-Circuits ZX95-3800-S+
Features:low phase noise low pulling low pushing linear tuning characteristics protected by US patent 6,790,049Applications:• r & d• lab instrumentation• wireless communications• CATVDATASHEET..
Brand: Chinese Model: Mini-Circuits ZX47-60-S+
Features :• Low Noise (Output Ripple) for ZX47-60LN+, 20mVp-p Typ. @ 10MHz• High Dynamic Range • Wide Bandwidth • Single Supply Voltage: +5V• Stability Over Temperature• Built-in Temperature Sensor• Protected by US patent 6,790,049Applicatio..
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Brand: Chinese Model: NE592
Product DescriptionThe NE592 is a monolithic, two-stage, differential output, wideband video amplifier. It offers fixed gains of 100 and 400 without external components and adjustable gains from 400 to 0 with one external resistor. The input stage has been designed so that with the addition of a..
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Brand: Chinese Model: STA540
The STA540 is a 4-channel, class-AB audio amplifier designed for high quality sound applications.The amplifiers have single-ended outputs with integrated short-circuit protection, thermal protection and diagnostic functions.The chip is housed in the 15-pin Multiwatt ECOPACK®Pb-free package w..
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Brand: Chinese Model: TBA820M
Product Information Amplifier Case Style: DIP Amplifier Class: B Load Impedance: 4ohm MSL: - No. of Channels: 1 No. of Pins: 8 Operating Temperature Max: 150°C Operating Temperature Min: -40°C Output Power: 1.2W Packaging: Each Supply Voltage Range: 3V to 16V Da..
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Brand: Chinese Model: TDA2003
TDA2003 is a 10W car radio audio amplifier The device provides a high output current capability (up to 3.5A) very low harmonic and cross-over distortion. Completely safe operation is guaranteed due to protection against DC and AC short circuit between all pins and ground,thermal over-range,load dump..
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Brand: Chinese Model: TDA2004
Description: The TDA2004 is a class B dual audio power amplifier in MULTIWATT(R) package specifically designed for car radio applications stereo amplifiers are easily designed using this device that provides a high current capability (up to 3.5A) and that can driv..
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