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DC DC Adjustable Step-Up Boost Module MT3608

DC DC Adjustable Step-Up Boost Module MT3608


The MT3608 Mini Adjustable DC-DC Boost Module is a low cost module that can step-up a 2.5 to 24V input voltage up to a 5 to 28V output at up to 1.5A.


  • MT3608 Mini Adjustable DC-DC Boost Module


  • Small size
  • MT3608 converter IC
  • Adjustable output voltage using adjustment potentiometer
  • Excellent load and voltage regulation
  • Output current of up to 1.5A
  • Input voltage range 2.5 to 24V
  • Output voltage range 5 to 28V

DC-DC boost converters step up the input voltage to a higher voltage while also stepping down the available current since the module can’t output more power than it inputs.

This boost converter is adjustable and capable of outputting a voltage in the range of 5.0 to 28V at a continuous current of up to 1.5A depending on input/output voltage settings with 1A available with most settings.

Since it is a boost converter, the input voltage must be lower than the output voltage.

The device is able to use low ESR bulk ceramic capacitors rather than electrolytic caps which avoids long-term aging concerns and contributes to the compact packaging.

The MT3608 converter IC has over current and thermal limiting features built-in to safely shut the device down if driven too hard.

Voltage Adjustment

The module has a single-turn potentiometer for adjustment of the output voltage.

Turning the pot CW decreases the output voltage while turning it  CCW increases the output voltage.

The upper limit of the adjustment range will depend on the input voltage and the load.  With a 9V input for instance, at 1A, the upper voltage limit will be approximately 20V.

Module Connections

These are compact boards with 4 solder pads for making connections.

  • VIN+ =      Input Voltage
  • VIN- =       Ground
  • VOUT+ = Output Voltage
  • VOUT- =  Ground.  Connected to VIN- on module

Note that the pinout is not on 0.1″ centers.


For the price, these are decent modules that can be used in a number of non-critical applications.  They work best when the output current is kept on the lower end of the spectrum such as 500mA or so.  If trying to pull higher current from the module, voltage regulation and load regulation can become poor and in that case the module will work best when used with a fairly stable load and input voltage.

Ripple voltage – Measured @ 500mV typical.  It can benefit greatly from adding a bulk filter capacitor on the output.  In one worst case test case, a 100uF cap knocked the ripple down from 0.9V to 30mV

Voltage regulation – With the output adjusted to 12V and 500mA load, varying the input voltage over the range of 5 – 9V resulted in a 0.11V change in the output.

Load regulation – With input of 5V and output adjusted to 12V, varying the load over the range of 0.0A to 0.5A resulted in a 0.17V change in the output.  Further increasing the load to 1A resulted in a drop of 1.3V

These modules do draw 1mA or so when idle, so if using with a battery, it can drain the battery down when not being used  if it is not disconnected.


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DC DC Adjustable Step-Up Boost Module MT3608
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