GS8552-SR 1.8MHZ Zero-Drift CMOS Rail-to-Rail input output Opamp SOP8

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General Description

The GS855X amplifier is single/dual/quad supply, micro-power, zero-drift CMOS operational amplifiers, the amplifiers offer bandwidth of 1.8MHz, rail-to-rail inputs and outputs, and single-supply operation from 1.8V to 5.5V. GS855X uses chopper stabilized technique to provide very low offset voltage (less than 30µV maximum) and near zero drift over temperature. Low quiescent supply current of 180µA per amplifier and very low input bias current of 20pA make the devices an ideal choice for low offset, low power consumption and high impedance applications. The GS855X offers excellent CMRR without the crossover associated with traditional complementary input stages. This design results in superior performance for driving analog-to-digital converters (ADCs) without degradation of differential linearity.


• Single-Supply Operation from +1.8V ~ +5.5V

• Rail-to-Rail Input / Output

• Gain-Bandwidth Product: 1.8MHz (Typ@25°C)

• Low Input Bias Current: 20pA (Typ@25°C)

• Low Offset Voltage: 30µV (Max@25°C)

• Quiescent Current: 180µA per Amplifier (Typ)

• Operating Temperature: -45°C ~ +125°C

• Zero Drift: 0.01µV/oC (Typ)

• Embedded RF Anti-EMI Filter


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GS8552-SR 1.8MHZ Zero-Drift CMOS Rail-to-Rail input output Opamp SOP8 EGP 35.000 exc. vat
In Stock