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Solar Cell 6V / 3.5W | Photo Voltage PV

Solar Cell 6V / 3.5W | Photo Voltage PV

"solar panel"


      Solar testing standards: light intensity: 40,000 LUX, temperature 25 degrees, if the customer does not test conditions can buy a 500W metal halide lamp, matched with a regulator from around 15-20CM, measured with a light meter data: 4 Wan LUX, is currently recognized international standard test methods

      This cost-effective, suitable for solar energy research also experiment with a variety of products for customers to do with, such as: solar lawn lights, solar landscape lights, solar cell phone charger, solar flashlight, and a variety of small toys are solar (mainly. Stock products are monocrystalline and polycrystalline two, and we all good class in minutes, in the standard case test out the data, power is absolutely sufficient power) solar panels must remember that the sun only play the best results, in Indoor as energy saving lamps, LED light tube cold light power greatly reduced, under a hot light such as light bulbs better in Yuba is also quite good!

Size 165 * 135

 Thickness: 2 mm 

Rated power: 3.5W

 Rated voltage: 6V 

Material: monocrystalline 

packages: PCB + Epoxy 

Product Life: 5--10 years

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Solar Cell 6V / 3.5W | Photo Voltage PV
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