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DC Electronic Load 120V / 30A / 150W

DC Electronic Load  120V / 30A / 150W
AT8511 DC Electronic Load
AT8511 DC electronic load using multiple processors to work together, have excellent speed and performance. Provides four load operating mode (CC, CV, CP, CR), and can edit the file comprehensive tests. AT8511 powerful processor system, regardless of multi-mode multi-file processing, or cope with the PC communications are more than enough. Dynamic test function, a list of test functions and integrated test functions , so 8511 has a wide test applications. Inside the instrument file with the editor or using the computer operating software, document preparation and more easy to use. Support for the latest USB interface and traditional RS232C interface, and can achieve multi-machine communication. Compatible with standard SCPI protocol to make computer programming more convenient. In addition to the normal linear power supply and switching power supply for testing outside, AT8511 also better for the battery charger, battery testing, power supply manufacturers to meet the diversified demands.


Technical Specifications
Rated input: 150W, 120V, 30A
Constant current (CC):
0 ~ 3A, Accuracy: 0.05%, the minimum resolution: 0.0001A
0 ~ 30A, Accuracy: 0.1%, the minimum resolution: 0.001A
Constant voltage (CV):
0 ~ 120V, Accuracy: 0.05%, the minimum resolution of 0.001V
0 ~ 120V, Accuracy: 0.05%, the minimum resolution 0.01V
Constant power (CP):
0 ~ 100W, accuracy: 1%, minimum resolution: 0.001W
100 ~ 150W, accuracy: 1%, minimum resolution: 0.01W
Constant Resistance (CR):
0.1 ~ 99Ω, accuracy: 1%, minimum resolution: 0.01Ω
100 ~ 4kΩ, accuracy: 1%, minimum resolution: 0.1Ω
Voltmeter accuracy: 0.02%
Ammeter Accuracy: 0.1%
Test speed: 3 times / sec, 10 times / sec
Performance characteristics
Short-circuit test: current is about 30A, the internal resistance of approximately 40mΩ
Dynamic test: 10 files, 0.1Hz ~ 1kHz
Dynamic list of tests: 10 files, 100 steps / file
A comprehensive list of tests: 10 files, 20 steps / file
Battery Test: 999.99AH
Global Settings File: 20 groups
Triggers: internal trigger, bus trigger and external trigger
Interface: USB interface and standard RS232C and Handler Interface
Programming Language: SCPI and simple communication protocol
Display: VFD display
Support 4W remote measurement function
Aging test switching power supplies and linear power supplies
Chargers Comprehensive Test
Battery capacity test
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DC Electronic Load 120V / 30A / 150W
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