WLK02F24 wireless serial module NRF24L01 wireless data transmission module

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WLK02F24 wireless serial module NRF24L01 wireless data transmission module

Quick Details:

Model Number: WLK02F24           Frequency band: 2.4 GHZ

Data interface: UAR serial             Data transfer rate: 0.1-1Mbps

Certification:  E, SGS, RoHS

Product Descri:ption

WLK02F24 solve what problem?
1. Simple and stable is the best
Module integrated MCU to complete communication protocol simplify wireless applications, greatly improve the data throughput, and it is all in order to share the user MCU processing work, in a more sophisticated system to more prominent design modularity is the best choice for the efficient development (real-time and stability are improved)!

2. Is the common need quickly
Fastest module, at least 250 KBPS airspeed, serial port 115200, high speed, large data throughput (tens of thousands of byte packets) is the characteristic of this module, can basically meet fast wireless applications

3. The flexibility is important
Simple operability, working frequency, sending and receiving address can be set parameters, such as switch, general fit with multipoint communication (fh or indexed polling communication)

4. The commonality is very convenient
UAR hit the data interface can be more easily with the existing equipment (such as the original RS232 and RS485 equipment) for seamless connectivity.

5. Compatibility is can not be ignored
The wireless promotion for many years, we have felt some rf chip out lead to many users upgrade is difficult, this is the reason we make compatibility design directly. WLK series modules are compatible with the usage and consistent, so even if future more rf chip selection, users only need to change into other WLK module can be easily upgraded.

6. The service is must be in place
If wireless structure need to adjust the size, can provide customized services, RFinchina always from the user's demand as own duty, make the simple, simple!

WLK02F24 ten characteristics
01: 2.4 GHZ global free ISM frequency band
02: support arbitrary byte length packet transmission
03: UAR serial data interface, the xia is really simple
04: automatic transfer, stable and reliable automatic reply
05: frequency address power parameter can be set
06: support frequency-hopping wireless networking, addressing way
07: since the test signal convenient function? Cover assessment
08: users need inventory pressure, reduce the risk
09: such as special teaching demand can provide customized service
10: one year warranty, life-long maintenance fee

WLK02F24 basic working principle:
Module in the receiving state at ordinary times, as soon as we receive the data, the data received through the UART output, then you can use the single chip microcomputer to interrupt receiving function, store the data read, send data to at the time of data through the UART module, he is automatically send, send finished, automatically switch to the receive mode
Wireless communication is basically the following situation
1. Wireless communication between PC and PC
2. Wireless communication between MCU and PC
3. Wireless communication between MCU and MCU

Six choose reason design concept derived from the typical wireless application case requirements, functional design humanization, beautiful, small, strives for perfection to ensure that the quality of excellence.

TOP1 usually waits to receive real simple module, UART output when receiving data, only if you want to send data through the UART is automatically issued after the input to the module, simple to ensure efficient fast project.
Ranked by practical evaluating wireless invisible scratching, and electricity can send and receive communications test module, the function can be combined with application environment directly testing the communication effect (coverage), rapid assessment indicators do for wireless applications.

TOP3 of very large data transceiver node serial port baud rate and air rate wireless can pass any bytes long packet when reasonable collocation, and ordinary wireless single chip transmit only 32 bytes, suitable for large amount of data transmission applications.
TOP4 very low power consumption maximum transmitted power continuous emission data current 7.76 mA continues to receive data current 17.67 mA, standby mode current 1.1 uA.

TOP5 perfect supporting defaults to the TTL level, at the same time can provide the USB, RS232 and RS485 communication interface module, timing, temperature test low power wireless remote control components.

TOP6 flexible working mode switching operation is simple, provide configuration software, the setting parameters is simple and flexible, suitable for point to point, points of network communication.

WLK02F24 deficiencies
WLK02F24 is mainly suitable for smart home field, in order to meet the wireless data communication, numerous control from close range. Compared with bluetooth, WIFI, use rise more convenient, more communication and more easy. Admittedly, the frequency is inversely proportional to the wavelength, due to the high frequency 2.4 GHZ inherent features, wavelength is very short, so in indoor use, not performance of diffraction, and transmission power only 0 DBM (about 1 mw) between natural partition wall, floor, building communication effect is poorer. (wireless router, WIFI, bluetooth, like 2.4 GHz exist limitations) if you need a good partition communication effect, choose the 433 MHZ band (such as WLK01L12, WLK01L39, etc.)

WLK02F24 applicable industries
Logistics tracking, warehouse inspection, electronic labels, etc
Instead of 232, 485 for wireless data communication
Pictures, audio and other large high real-time wireless data transmission
Housing and building control (smart home)
Robot control, wireless remote control electronic consumer products
Biological signal collection, wireless sensor networks

WLK02F24 matters needing attention
1. Around the antenna as far as possible to stay away from the LCD, battery, metal, etc., around the antenna PCB ban apply copper, try to make the antenna dangling around;
2. Must be built within the metal shell, such as antenna signal will be screened by metal shell and absorption, the communication not more than 50 meters;
3. When designing the power to choose "makes the power supply voltage or DC – DC chip to 2.1-3.6 V, and the transient current can reach more than 50 ma;
4. Access to the power supply place with LC filter processing power ripple, pick up large capacitor can eliminate electrical surge effect;
5. Such as, power is supplied by batteries is recommended with li-ion battery or nickel metal hydride batteries, dry cell is not recommended, because of the dry cell internal resistance ambassador output current is small;
6. Air speed is lower than the serial port, send need to add time delay between two packet processing, in order to prevent data overflow;
7. The batch when using, such as to product assembly is convenient, easy maintainability, replaceability, please try to use DIP interface;
8. Please careful analysis resources, it is better to apply for the choose and buy a set of evaluation kits, to accurately evaluate the feasibility for the project and product development do;

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